Shows and Sales Results

40th International Osnabrueck Black & White Days 2016
DATE: January 29th-30th, 2016
LOCATION: Osnabrueck, Germany

Over 2,000 Holstein enthusiasts from more than 20 countries came to the “Halle Gartlage” in Osnabrueck to attend the 40th International Black & White Days on January, 29-30.

The individual Holstein show was judged by Mrs. Andrea Uhrig from Sulzbach. In the young cow classes she chose the most complete, super uddered Boss daughter KKH Annalena (picture) from Kolckhorst-Kahle in Haltern as champion followed by the stylish, youthful MEY Madison (Dauden Isy x Pagini) from Meyer in Kettenkamp. This year Bielefeld in Dalvers were once again successful as exhibitor of the intermediate champion – with the Fever daughter Conny – last year the winner of the young cow classes – due to her correctness, udder quality and enormous style. The reserve champion title went to JBW Epic Lea from Boesemeyer in Westerhausen. In the older cow classes the OHG longevity specialist Ramos was the most successful sire. For judge Uhrig the 6th lactation RR Ramos Olanda from Reinermann in Ruesfort was very impressive with her tremendous frame, top feet and legs and unbelievable firmly attached udder for a cow in this age. But nevertheless champion became Goldwyn Mox Elisa due to her dairyness and overall completeness – exhibited by Nesslage in Nortrup.

After lunch break OHG presented groups of 10 daughters each of the 3 bulls BEACH, BEAUTY, SELECT, that were the most heavily used bulls in the OHG area 3 years ago. All three bulls confirm their genomic pattern very well. Beacon son Beach (from the Regancrest Durham Barbie family) presented the most uniform cows – very nice developed for size, strength, capacity and walking correct on sound feet and legs. Most impressive is probably the attachment and udder quality. Beauty, a Beacon from the Tir-An Oman Neblina family, is the highest German daughter proven sire for total index (RZG 148) as well as production (RZM 147). The Beauty daughters are reasonably above average for size, dairyness and width of rump. The udders are probably better than the actual rating of 92 based on his first classified daughters. Beauty is also a good semen fertility bull with +3 NR. After presenting last year the high type bull Summer now the Snowman son Select was another bull from the Hardwood Bliss family. He is by far higher for milk production than Summer, but similar in his type traits. Therefore it seems that he will become and overall customer satisfaction bull. With his high semen fertility rating of +4 NR Select ranks as one of the highest fertility bull available all over Germany.

At the end of the event 25 elite females were offered in the Top Genetic Auction – with tremendous success. The most interest was focused on KNS Dream Glory (Cinema x Balisto x Shamrock), which created a lot of interest by clients from all over Europe as one of the highest female in Germany with 169 gRZG. At the end she was sold for 26.000 € to another breeding organization within Germany. Another customer from Germany took home a polled Supershot with gRZG 156 for 15.500 €. The 3rd top animal was the polled Apoll x Sympatico, that was purchased for 13.000 € to the Netherlands. Another client from the Netherlands bought the very stylish RR Equador for 12.000 €. Sales average of the 24 sold female calves was 7.246 €, which set a new record at OHG.