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2015 Stormont County Holstein Show
DATE: September 05, 2015
LOCATION: Newington, ON
JUDGE: Jamie Black, Constable, NY
HEAD SHOWN: 88 (+3)

Grand Champion

Grand Champion – Redlodge Gold Avery, (Goldwyn), Redlodge, Monica & Armin Kagi
Reserve Champion – Murrayholm Windbrook Lely, (Windbrook). Murrayholm Farms, Gerald D & Lookout Holsteins
Honourable Mention – Torpedo Dempsey Daisy, (Dempsey), Wenwalt Holsteins

Junior Champion

Junior Champion – Redlodge Brokaw Adrealine, (Brokaw), Pot of Gold Farms, Lucas Kagi
Reserve Junior Champion – Liberty-Gen Baton Rouge, (Armani), Murrayholm Farms
Honourable Mention – Murrayholm Lookout Loving Life, (Armani), Murrayholme Farms, Gerald


Children's Cattle Class, 8 years and Under

Adelia Bretelzer
Myla Bretelzar
Rylan Bretelzar
Kaleb Fogarty
Melanie Fogarty

Calf Born Mar 2015 or Later
  1. Murrayholme Lookout Loving Life, (Armani), Murrayholme Holsteins, Gerald
  2. Roclane Mascalese Ice Me Up, (Mascalese), Roger & Margaret Courville
  3. Limbra McLovein Blueberry, (McLovein), Huybregts Farms

Calf Born Dec 2014 - Feb 2015
  1. Liberty-Gen Baton Rouge, (Armani), Murrayholme Farms
  2. Wenallt Reginald Miami, (Reginald), Wenallt Holsteins
  3. Blondin WIndbrook Alizee, (WIndbrook), Rosevine Farms

Calf Born Sep 2014 - Feb 2015
  1. Redlodge Brokaw Adrenaline, (Brokaw), Redlodge, Monica & Armin Kagi
  2. Redlodge Brokaw Admire, (Brokaw), Redlodge, Monica & Armin Kagi, 4-H Cassidy Kelsey
  3. Weeberlac Doorman Premium, (Doorman), Goldfield/Primrose Holsteins

Calf Born Sep - Nov 2014
  1. Redlodge Brokaw Adrenaline, (Brokaw), Pot of Gold Farms, Lucas Kagi
  2. Redlodge Browkaw Admire, (Brokaw), Redlodge, Monica & Armin Kagi
  3. Weeberlac Doorman Premium, (Doorman), Goldfield/Primrose Holsteins

Junior & Summer Yearling
  1. Delcreek Yippee Ki Ya, (Fever), Iris Wolfenberger & Peter Rylersdam
  2. Staathof Doorman Halo, (Doorman), Cassidy Kelsey, Goldfield/Primrose Frogholm Hols
  3. Knonaudale Orange Crush, (Reginald), Knonaudle Farm


Senior Yearling
  1. Redlodge Saloon Avenue, (Saloon), Redlodge, Monica and Armin Kagi
  2. Wenallt Brazton Kittyrose, (Braxton), Wenallt Holsteins
  3. Roclane Shottle Galaxy, (Shottle), Margaret & Roger Courville

Junior Herd
  1. Redlodge, Monica & Armin Kagi
  2. Wenallt Holsteins
  3. Knonaudale Farms

Female Born Sep 2014 or Earlier
  1. Knonaudale Meridian Liza, (Meridian), Knonaudale Farms
  2. Quality Goldchip Frantasia. (Goldchip), Rosevine Farms
  3. Limbra Joden Freckles Red, (Powerman), Huybregts Farms

Senior 2 Year Old
  1. Limbra Windbrook Walana, (Windbrook), Redlodge, Monica & Armin Kagi
  2. Knonaudale Moustachio, (Goldson), Knonaudale Farms
  3. Limbra Sid Sabrina, (Fever), Huybregts Farms

Junior 3 Year Old
  1. Tropedo Dempsey Daisy, (Dempsey), Wenallt Holsteins
  2. KAS Sid Rouge, (Sid), Knonaudale Farms
  3. Redlodge WIndbrook Cricket, (Windbrook), Redlodge, Monica & Armin Kagi

Senior 3 Year Old
  1. Murrayholm Windbrook Lely, (Winbrook), Murrayholm Farms, Gerald D Halback & Lookout Holsteins
  2. Limbra Windbrook Penny, (Windbrook), Huybergts Farms
  3. Roclane Fever Ice Cube, (Fever), Roger & Margaret Courville

4 Year Old
  1. Knonaudale Denzel Klassy, (Denzel), Knonaudale Farms
  2. Jacobs Goldwyn Lotty, (Goldwyn), Knonaudale Farms
  3. Redlodge Goldwyn Willa, (Goldwyn), Redlodge, Monica & Armin Kagi

5 Year Old
  1. Rosevine Sanchez Daisy, (Sanchez), Rosevine Farms
  2. Limbra Garret Kizzy, (Garret), Huybergts Farms
  3. Marbri Alexander Beck, (Alexander), Wenallt Farms

Best Udder
  1. Murrayhold Windbrook Lely, (Windbrook), Murrayholm Farms
  2. Torpedo Dempsey Daisy, ( Dempsey), Wenallt Holsteins
  3. Redlodge Gold Avery, (Goldwyn), Redlodge, Monica & Armin Kagi

Breeders Herd
  1. Knondaudale Farms
  2. Huybregts Farms
  3. Redlodge Farms

Premier Breeder

Huybreghts Farms
Redlodge Farms

Premier Exhibitor

Knonaudale Farms
Huybreghts Farms

Highest BCA

Marbri Alexander Neck
Cowtown Tradition

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