Shows and Sales Results

2013 NAILE Ayrshire Open Show


Junior Champion
MJH Whammy Payden, 1st senior heifer, Mike and Julie Hemp, IL
Reserve Junior Champion
Old Bankston Riggins Godess, 1st junior yearling, Smith Bros Dairy, TN

Intermediate Champion & Reserve Grand Champion
Four Hills Ambush Sammy 3559, 1st Jr 2-yr Old, Britney Hill, VT
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Palmyra Ragimore EV B GiGi, 2ne Jr 2-yr Old, Palymra Farm, MD

Senior Champion & Grand Champion
Sharwards Calimero Megan, 1st Aged cow, Kurt Wolf & Mike Maiers, IA
Reserve Senior Champion
River Valley Poker Delight-ET, 1st 4-yr Old, River Valley Ayrshires, VT

Heifer Class Results

Junior Heifer Calf
1. Hawver-Crest Shirley Sue, Ashley Hawvermale, OH
2. Mill Valley Burdette’s Crystal (Burdette), Mill Valley Farm, OH
3. Mill Valley Jester’s Beauty (Jester), Mill Valley Farms, OH
4. MJH Whammy Kacy (Whammy), Mike and Julie Hemp, IL

Intermediate Heifer Calf
1. Mill Valley Jesters Fireball (Jester), Mill Valley Farm, OH
2. Kar-Ayr Burdette Cocoa (Burdette), Kar-Ayr Ayrshires, MO
3. Ridge View Dozer Camo (Dozer), Sshaelyn Lancaster, MO
4. JCC Showstar Vera (Showstar), JCC Ayrshires, KY

Senior Heifer Calf
1. MJH Whammy Payden (Whammy), Mike and Julie Hemp, IL
2. Josthcacreage Devlin Molly (Devlin), Anthony Josthcacreage, IA
3. Allen Farms Duncan Lulu (Duncan), Nikayla Peters, PA
4. Ridge View DW Jasmine (Whammy), Shaelyn Scoon, MO

Summer Yearling Heifers
1. MJH Showstar Trixie (Showstar), Mike and Julie Hemp, IL
2. Emerald Farms Burdette Nita (Burdette), Emerald Farms, OH
3. Daltaondale Prestige Sal (Prestige), Caitlyn Cull, WI
4. K Bar Bee Miss Priss (Kelvin), Kailey Barlow, KY

Junior Yearling Heifers
1. Old Bankston Riggins Godess (Riggins), Smith Bros Dairy, TN
2. Cowbell Nemo Cajun Sweetheart (Nemo), Cowbell Acres, NY
3. Mill Valley Patton’s Popsicle (Patton), Mill Valley Farms, OH
4. Kleins Dantes Delight (Dante), James Klein and Family, IN

Intermediate Yearling Heifers
1. Edgebrook Remington Albany-ET (Remington), Arthur Acres, IA
2. Emerald Farms Lochinvar Zoe (Lochinvar), Emerald Farms, OH
3. Briarwoods Miss Libby (Burdette), Tyler Tindle, KY
4. Mowrys Ambush Missy (Ambush), Jared Helsley, PA

Cow Class Results

Milking Yearling
1. Hoosier Star KB Classy exhibited by Lindsay, Kyle and Kelsay Schilling, IN
2. Halls Winston Caramel (Winston), Halls Ayrshires, OK
3. Emerald Farms Poker Sweething (Poker), Emerald Farms, OH
4. Nauta Ramius Peanut Butter exhibited by Nauta Farm, TN

Junior Two Year Old

1. Four Hills Ambush Sammy 3559 (Ambush), Britney Hill, VT
2. Palmyra Ragimore EV B GiGi (Ragimore), Palymra Farm, MD
3. Woodsbrook Burdette Trista (Burdette), David Blough, IN
4. Faucher Oblique Odile (Oblique), Halls Ayrshires, OK

Senior Two Year Old
1. Halls Riggins Hollyberry (Riggins), Halls Ayrshires, OK
2. Duncan Poker Madea (Poker), Rachel Duncan, OH
3. Lone Birch D Wham Dallas (Whammy), Lone Birch Ayrshires, MA
4. Emerald Farms Patty Zoe (Paddy), Emerald Farms, OH

Junior Three Year Old
1. Deer Hill Hannibal Premiumrose (Hannibal), Beverly Donovan, ME
2. Deer Hill Hannibal Primrose (Hannibal), Beverly Donovan, ME
3. Mill Valley Supreme Trixie (Supreme), Mill Valley Farms, OH
4. Emerald Farms Zeek Cheetah (Zeek), Emerald Farms, OH

Senior Three Year Old
1. Designer Gene’s Olivia, Seth Whiting, PA
2. Stillmore Modem Imogene-ET (Modem), Old Bankston Ayrshires, IA
3. Jomill Poker Keegan (Poker), Jomill Farm, PA
4. Lone Birch Captains Mynnie (Captain), Lone Birch Ayrshires, MA

Four Year Old
1. River Valley Poker Delight-ET (Poker), River Valley Ayrshires, VT
2. Bricker Farm Burdette Chasney (Burdette), Todd Bricker, OH
3. Cowbell Pandalaro Sierra (Pandalaro), Cowbell Acres, NY
4. Lone Elm BBBK Marble (Kellogg), Daniel Hoppaugh, PA

Five Year Old
1. Miller’s Bants Bran Muffin (Burt), Jack Miller, OH
2. Lone Elm Modern Lady (Modern), Michael Hoppaugh, PA
3. Siredale Kales Gidget (Kale), Geisler, Eiler, Mercer, IN
4. Litzenburg Kale Jorga (Kale), Still Dream Dairy, MO

Aged Cow
1. Sharwards Calimero Megan (Calimero), Kurt Wolf and Mike Maiers, IA
2. Lone Birch McKenzie, Lone Birch Ayrshires,MA
3. Hawskfield Ben Blanche (Ben), Charles Sayes, Dru & Sara Mercer, IN
4. Gibbs Con Tahiti, Kailey Barlow, KY

100,000 Pound Cow

1. Gatton Paddy Cherry (Paddy), Still Dream Dairy, MO
2. Cimaron Valley TM Martina, Halls Ayrshires, OK
3. Hawskfield Black Bronora-ET, Charles Sayles, Dru & Sara Mercer, IN