Shows and Sales Results

128th Annual Meeting of Holstein Association USA- Day 2 – Race to Indy!

The annual meeting resumed at 9:30 am for the second and final day.

After a welcome by President Worden, Todd Jones, a chairperson for the 2013 National Convnetion, gave a sale overview revealing the average of $9,613 on 84 lots. He thanked all for attending and for the help with clearing out the sale facility. Additionally, directions were given on leaving this years convention and travel plans.

CEO John Meyer conducted roll call for the delegates present at this second day.

After Director Bill Wright, UT, gave the only resolution, thanking the Indiana Holstein Assoc for their efforts, it was quickly moved and seconded.

Former National Association President Larry Tande gave the nominating report. Current President Worden delivered that:

Glen Brown will serve as the President for the coming year

Peter Waterman will retain his position in Region 1

Gayle Carson will also retain his director position in Region 4

The election process to determine the new Vice President, Region 6 director, and an individual to full-fill the opening in the director- at -large position was conducted.

While votes are being tabulated, Show Committee Chairman, Jim Burdette gave the show report. Burdette reminded that all judges selected for a national show must be selected from the Holstein Association USA judges list.  A list of judges conferences that can be attended and the great attendance was overviewed.

Junior Advisory Committee Facilitator Leroy Eggink, IA delivered the committee report explaining the exciting attendance and participation of junior members at the National Convention.

Jonathan Lamb, NY, Chairman of the Genetic Advnaemnt Committee delivered the year review.  The report discussed some new research that is being conducted including the rear teat length trait, genomic relationship information in mating programs, the new codes for polled animals, the probability of the single gene conditions based upon the animal’s haplotype, and the disclosure of bulls being gnomic tested.

The Legislative Affairs Committee report was given by committee member, Glen Brown, UT.  The committee has been focusing on the passing of the farm bill, unfortunately no bill has been passed.  The committee will continue to work with other organizations to continue efforts with a successful passing of the farm bill.

Gayle Carson, Chairman of the International Committee delivered the committee report. The goal of which is to aid with the export opportunities for Holstein genetics and cattle.

An introduction of the Holstein Association USA, Inc. employees conducted by CEO John Meyer, to recognize their efforts on a year around basis.

A Holstein Foundation annual report was conveyed by Chairman, John Bierbaum. The Foundation ended the year with $195,000 in donations and a financial report of the foundation was also explained. A report of the YDLI (Young Dairy Leader’s Institute) phase 1 that was held in Albuquerque,NM was also included. The class 9, meeting in 2015 and 2016, will be held in Phoenix.

President Worden announced:

Gordie Cook, MA will serve as the Vice President

Voting for Region 6 Director was conducted.

Dr. Roger Shanks discussed the Elite Cow Research Project (150,000 lbs of lifetime milk classified VG or EX) – started by a letter to Holstein by Bob Miller, IL. Research goals of adding the genotypes of these elite holstein females to the genomic database, thus increase genomic efficiency. Participation from invited herds with invited cows has been great.

President Worden introduced the current Directors serving the Association.

Alicia Lamb delivered the report of the Dairy Shrine and encourage all to join as members.

Holstein Canada President, Richard Bosma, gave an update and a thank you for the invitation to work closely and make friends with the USA leadership.

Mark Kerndt will serve as the Region 6 director

Corey Geiger will retain his position as at-large director

The floor was then opened up for questions from the delegation.

An invitation was given by the 2014 National Convention hosts, Iowa Holstein Assocation, to head to Dubuque , IA next summer!

Vice President Brown acknowledges the effort and great contribution of Director Leroy Eggink and President Chuck Worden with expiring terms.

As no old or new business was presented at the meeting, Former President Worden presented the Presidents gavel to new President, Glen Brown. Brown introduced and delivered the due appreciation to Association’s CEO John Meyer.

The meeting of the 128th Annual Meeting was adjourned.