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128th Annual Meeting of Holstein Association USA – Day 1 – Race to Indy!

The meeting was called to order by current President, Chuck Worden, NY. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by National Director, Jonathan Lamb and the prayer was led by National Director, Pat Maddox.

The Delegates were welcomed by enthusiastic leadership of the Indiana Department of Agriculture, followed by roll-call of Delegates led by CEO John Meyer. The 2012 annual meeting minutes were read and approved by the delegation.

Current Vice President, Glen Brown, UT, introduced President Chuck Worden. President Worden gave his final address reflecting on his global travels, experiences, and opportunities through his time serving as the Association’s Vice President and President.

CEO of Holstein Association USA, Inc., John Meyer delivered the State of the Association Address. An overview of the excitement of revealing the New Ideal Cow for the breed at the 2012 National Convention. Additionally, registration, transfer and classification numbers were reviewed. CEO Meyer also noted the group of young enthusiasts that are attending the convention and what an exciting aspect that is for the breed association. The past year, 228,500 cows were evaluated by Holstein classifiers.

Barbara Casna, CFO of Holstein ┬áAssociation USA, explained the financial status of the association and delivered the treasurer’s report, which was approved by the delegation.

Boyd Schaufelberger, Audit Committee Chairmen and National Director, delivered the Audit Committee Report and accepted the 2012 Annual Report, which was moved and and seconded but the delegation. Bill Wright, National Director, conducted the resolution process.

After an introduction of the candidates for President, Vice President, and Directors by Nominating Committee Chairmen, Larry Tande; President Worden introduced Glen Brown (current VP) as candidate for President. Vice President Brown briefly addressed the delegation.

The five candidates for Vice President were then allowed to address the delegation. The following are balloted candidates: John Bierbaum, Minn, Gordie Cook, Mass, John Kalmey, Ky, Robert Night, Wis, and Hank Van Exel, Calif.

Peter Waterman, Maine, is the only director candidate for Region 1. Waterman is the current director in that region.

Gayle Carson, Tenn, is the only director candidate for Region 4.  Carson is the current director in that region.

Region 6 boasts 4 candidates. Gale Hoese, Minn, Phil Spect, Iowa, Chuck Will, Minn are all endorsed  by the nominating committee and Mark Kerndt, Iowa is also running for the Region 6 director position.

Corey Geiger, Wis, is serving as a current At-Large Director and is seeking re-election in that position.


President Worden announces the Herds of Excellence winners:
David Bachmann, Sheboygan, Wisconsin (Pinehurst Farms)
Tim Baker, Byron Center, Michigan (Star-Summit Farm)
Joseph Brantmeier, Sherwood, Wisconsin (Hilrose Holsteins)
Janice Jurbala, Orangeville, Pennsylvania (Spotlite-J Holsteins)
Thomas  Kastell, Walsdo, Wisconsin (Ever-Green-View Farms)
Randy Kortus, Lynden, Washington (Mainstream Holsteins)
Benjamin & Carolyn Turner, Apulia Station, New York (Maplelane-Manor Farm)

After the announcement of winners, the floor is opened to the delegation for a time of questions for the Directors and Association leadership.

The announcement of the 2013 DJM (Distinguished Junior Member) Seminfinalists is accompanied by a video of each semifinalist. The finalists will be announced at the final banquet. They include:
Michael Bahl, Iowa
Rocco Cunningham, Calif.
Carissa Doody, Md.
Isaac Haagen, Pa.
Charles Hamilton, Wis.
Breinne Hendrickson, Wis.
Chelsea Jones, N.Y.
Hayley Potts, Va.
Michael Schmitt, Minn.
Rebecca Shaw, Pa.
Derek Wasson, Pa.
Katie Wendorf, Wis.


After a break for lunch, the meeting resumed with the announcement of the 40 year member recognition. A large group were recognized for the 40+ years of membership in the Holstein Association.

The Start of the Breed : Seimers Alisha Gold Ava-ETS was announced. Scored EX-95 2E with an impressive milk and show record! Ava is owned by Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Newton, Wis.

A presentation, by Dr. Nate Dorshorst, ET Veterinarian, Lodi Veterinary Care, titled “Added Value Opportunities with Advanced Reproduction in Registered Holsteins,” proved to be an excellent learning opportunity. Dorshorst graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and was active in the Holstein industry as a junior and remains active with the veterinary practice and through exhibiting cattle. ┬áAn overview of the Bovine Advanced Repro group, a 20 doctor practice, of which Dorhorst is involved, explained the dairy and beef reproduction work available and the facilities and growth of the company. Dr. Dorshorst further explained the IVF process and the advantages of the technology. It is the quickest technology for genetic progress but IVF also has some technological challenges. The practice also utilizes some of the other practices in reproductive technologies, including cloning. ┬áDr. Dorshorst explained some tips in getting the most out of using the some reproductive technologies available today and expanded on the recent research in these technologies.

After an introduction of international guests representing their respective Holstein associations, the meeting was recessed for caucuses.