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12 O’Clock at Knonaudale
DATE: March 31, 2015 at noon
LOCATION: Knonaudale Holsteins, Crysler, ON
HEAD SHOWN: 147 head sell

Sale Results

The 12 O’Clock at Knonaudale sale is in the books, boasting an average of $4,612.58 on 151 live lots, while grossing $707,725. The sale was held at Knonaudale Holsteins in Crysler, ON and was co-managed with Cherrycrest Holsteins.

Top Seller
Lot 2 for $26,000…Knonaudale Mudpie VG86-2YR
A Sid from an EX93-94MS Goldwyn
Consignor:  Knonaudale Farms, ON
Buyer:  Kingsway Farms, ON

Second High Seller
Lot 1 for $15,500…Knonaudale Jasmine EX93-94MS
A Goldwyn x EX91-2E Lyster
Consignor:  Kingsway Farms, Knonaudale Farms, Trentward Farms, ON
Buyer:  Kingsway Farms, ON

Third High Seller
Lot 126 for $14,000…Valleyville Sanchez Renate VG89-91MS
HM All-West 2012 and nominated All-Ontario 2013, a Sanchez from an EX90-2E-5* Champion. She is a full sister to Rae Lynn EX95
Consignor:  Cherrycrest & Barclay Phoenix, ON
Buyer:  John Cannon, IA


Sale Details and Catalog

Knonaudale Holsteins is hosting 12 O’Clock at Knonaudale on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 at noon. Selling will be 147 head of top pedigreed Holsteins with type and production. The sale is co-managed by Knonaudale and Cherrycrest.

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15878 Finch Cambridge Boundary Rd

Crysler, ON K0A 1R0


Sale Staff and Contacts

Sale Managers

Sale co-managed by Knonaudale & Cherry Crest Holsteins


Hugh Fawcett 613-774-3363

Brian Craswell 902-628-7537

Kevin Johnston 613-330-1642


Jamie Black 518-353-2602
Simon Lalande 514-239-5435
Raymond LeBlanc 802-249-2155
John Smith 613-913-0421


Matt Enright 613-227-3827
Tom Enright 450-531-6417
Rejean Leclerc 418-655-2033
Cameron MacGregor 613-880-1540
Ethan McMillan 705-653-7445
Morgon McMillan 705-653-8499
Devon Murray 613-551-7477
Barclay Phoenix 905-431-8340
Kyle Rivington 613-796-8769
Mark Smith 613-297-8806
Barn Boss
Barry Stewart 613-989-6038

Restauparc Casselman Travelodge Ottawa East
South of Hwy 417 1486 Innes Rd, Ottawa
613-764-3112 613-745-1133

Classification Results

Lot 2 – Knonaudale Mudpie VG-87
Lot 15 – Knonaudale Madama VG-85
Lot 16 – Knonaudale Moppy VG-86…
Lot 18 – Knonaudale Megastar VG-85
Lot 21 – Knonaudale Lolita – VG-85
Lot 35 – Kingsway Lauthority Dory – VG-87
Lot 48 – Helmcrest Reality Rejeanna – EX
Lot 60 – Murrayholm Fever Loella VG
Lot 76 – Murrayholm Sid Tana VG-85
Lot 77 – Lindenright Shaquille Lava EX
Lot 86 – Marion Seaver Johanna VG-88
Lot 96 – Braydale Katy Perry EX-90
Lot 110 – Webbview Leotard Sid VG-86
Lot 112 – Hendercroft Alexander Amelia VG-86
Lot 113 – Sunnylodge Million Sara VG-87
Lot 130 – Brabantdale Meridian Spoofla VG-86
Lot 131 – Brabantdale Meridian Speaker VG-85
Lot 145 – Knonaudale Lucille VG-87
Lot 153 – Sunnylodge Million Songbird VG-87
Lot 169 – CVFF Shottle Rombo VG-85
Lot 175 – Knonaudale Laptop VG-86