Zimmer Holsteins

Zimmer Holsteins in located in Daysland, AB, 90 minutes southeast of Edmonton. The Zimmer milks 83 cows in 2 Lely robots which were installed in 2016 and farm 2000 acres. Duane Zimmer became the youngest to ever receive a Master Breeder Shield when he was awarded his in 2017. The Zimmer family focuses on top indexing animals with deep pedigrees and work with several high genomic females. The herd genetics were propelled forward with cows like Sunnylodge Jennifer VG-85 17*, Glenridge Jed Madonna VG-87 5*, and Duane’s favourite, Smithden Bolton Alexandria VG-88 20*. Mating cows individually, bulls are selected to make functional balanced cows that will produce profitable milk, which is achieved by using 1/3 Type Genomic Young Sires, 1/3 Index Genomic Young Sires and 1/3 Proven Bulls.

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Latest News:
Zimmer Krusader Ava is now EX-95 2E! Congrats to our parters Robella Holsteins and Benbie Holsteins.