Breeder Stories

Brown Heaven – The Team Behind Fantasy
Lexi Wright

We revisit an article featuring Brown Swiss herd, Brown Heaven Farm, which was featured in our Winter 2016 edition.

The Queens Caretakers
Norm Nabholz

We revisit Jersey herd, Meadow Ridge Jerseys, who were featured in our Fall Special 2014 edition. 

Consistently Rising to the Top

We revisit Ayrshire herd, De La Paline, who was featured in our Winter 2014 edition. A name recognized locally, nationally and internationally through their consistent top standings at local and major shows.

The Art of Presentation
Norm Nabholz, IA

At most exhibitions cattle are in the show-ring for less than an hour but can be on display for up to a week.

Where Good Breeding Shows
Claire Swale

Classification figures at Roger Frossard’s P’tit Coeur Holsteins speak for themselves. Evaluated under the notoriously strict Swiss system, the 70 cow herd features 23 EX, 24 VG and 17 GP animals.

Family Af-Ayr Farm Focused on Family & Ayrshires
Nicole Breunig, WI

You wouldn’t guess that Gregg and Pat (Patricia) Borchardt grew-up in town. Their passion was ingrained as family members got them interested in Ayrshires.

North Florida Holsteins- Farming for Profit not for Glory

Never one to shy away from controversy, Don Bennink of North Florida Holsteins has strong opinions regarding the direction the Holstein breed is heading.

Team Royalty Ridge Goes for the Gold
Karen Knutsen

As we watch the Olympic Games from Rio this August, we’re reminded that in order to achieve greatness, especially in sports, it takes a lifetime of training and perseverance.

Training Grounds
Norm Nabholz, IA

No matter how it is labeled, to be considered a star in a chosen field by your peers is something experienced by few.

Ferdon Genetics- Leaving a Legacy

The snow-capped mountain ranges, green undulating hills and stunning crystal clear volcanic waters, make the North island of New Zealand a popular location for blockbuster films including the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Putting dairy cows to pasture makes for healthy soil and delicious milk
Nancy Singelton Hashisu

Milk production, which was essentially nil during the Edo Period (1603-1868), did not begin in Japan until the Meiji Era (1868-1912).

Humble Beginnings at Logan
Emma Jones

In 1975 the Logan herd switched from Dairy Shorthorns to British Friesians. In the 1980s, Canadian Holsteins were imported to Logan and by the mid 1990s the herd was 100% pedigree Holstein.

The success of Chubanna Holsteins

Located in the heart of Alberta, Chubanna Holsteins is one of the many great stops on the Canadian National Holstein Convention farm tours in April.

Facets from Farmers & Farmsteaders – Dairy Processor Roundtable
Nicole Breunig

Three processors from different parts of the world discuss their business, their opportunities and challenges and what makes their job so rewarding.

Beslea Farms Ltd “Around the World of Dairy” Tour

Our next tour takes us to a farm that has been in the family for 6 generations, Beslea Farms Ltd located in Yarker, Ontario.


Mid Fall Special 2017


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