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Breeder Stories

Master Breeder now a Reality – Zimmer Holsteins
Lexi Wright, AB

Each year since 1929, Holstein Canada has recognized breeders for their cumulative breeding efforts.

Mayfield-A lesson in Milk Marketing and Game Changing Genetics
Norm Nabholz, IA

Anyone who has ever traveled to southeastern United States and stopped at a convenience store has probably seen one of the most recognizable logos – a Jersey cow head, complete with horns, horn chain and a brown and cream colored

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Rendle Brothers Racing: From Cows to Cars

Most people recognize the Rendle name as being synonymous with showing cattle all over North America, the “Stanhope” part of the Stanhope-Wedgwood partnership. But a long-time, fast-paced hobby is what is keeping Gord and Rod Rendle busy these days.

Twin Ridge Genetics – Passion for Cows and People on a Grand Scale
Amanda Poelman

The term passion can be defined as a strong enthusiasm or desire for something, or a strong and compelling emotion.

Dreams become a Reality at Ferme Guimo
Lexi Wright

As the Genomic game continues to accelerate it has become a fast and furious competition when it comes to top heifers and bulls on the respective lists.

Five Monkeys Barbecue Sauce
Amanda Poelman

We are blessed to be a part of an industry that is driven by great cows and is full of great people.

Keeping Your Dairy Herd On Track
Ava Doner, ON

For decades now, people around the world have mastered the art of hoof trimming.

Ferme Pierre Boulet – Home of the Leading Ladies

This year’s Canadian National Holstein Convention will be held in one of the oldest cities in North America: Quebec City.

Australia’s Princess Family Consistent for Type

It’s a story of a different kind of royal family, proving type-leading success is about to take the Holstein world by storm.

Home Sweet Home
Norm Nabholz, IA

Beautiful farms with beautiful barns have always intrigued me. Even though some of the greatest dairy cows in history started their career in meager surroundings

With Cows, Personality is Everything

Most dairy farmers would say that cows have incredible personalities, some more prominent than others, but just like people all have a certain way about them. Over the year’s many memories have been shared about great cows with great personalities,

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Yonkman Dairy Farm – 75 years of rich Michigan history

Yonkman Dairy Farm welcomed guests from across the country to their farm in McBain, MI, for the US National Holstein Convention host day tour. Started in 1944 by William Yonkman, today the herd is managed by Molly Pluger, the third

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Australia’s champion Fernleaf sets the bar for Global Marketability
Casey Treloar

It was the phone call between two international photographers and the friendship of multiple industry professionals that lead to a record breaking Jersey sale, and a championship dream.

Robotics in the City…Lenkaitis & Andara Holsteins

With their farm located in the fifth most populated county in Illinois and houses encroaching from all sides, the Lenkaitis family of St. Charles recently decided to modernize their operation within their farm’s already established footprint.

Dahlia Holsteins: Celebrating the first year of Dairy Farming

Most dairy farm profiles that are featured on websites and in-print feature a long history of development spanning over sometimes many generations, but for Kristin Dahl, one of BC’s newest dairy producers, the history is happening now as she celebrates

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