Peter Vail & Partners

Location: Copake, NY


Brown Swiss
Milking Shorthorn
With over 35 years of experience in the dairy industry for Peter Vail, it’s incredible to be able to work with partners who are not only his closest friends but some of the industry’s most intelligent, dedicated, passionate and kind-hearted people. Without their partners, they wouldn’t see the success they have, they believe in each other’s strengths and help build their weaknesses to attain the best results possible. The friendships seem to build along with the caliber of cattle they work with, it’s a very humbling experience to see everyone’s hard work and dedication pay off at the end of the season. They’re fortunate for all the opportunities they’ve had to be involved in such memorable and exquisite animals and thankful for all the friendships they have made along the way. 

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Latest News

The website has been recently updated with the latest show results from this summer and early fall!