Elite Dairy

Location: PO Box 193

Phone: Peter: 518-755-0307; Ken: 518-929-1527

Brown Swiss
Ken Main & Peter Vail started their partnership of Elite Dairy in 2002 after years and years of friendship. It was an easy fit, they both have a passion for well-balanced dairy cows that will do well in the show ring as well as in the parlor. The passion Ken & Peter share has led to multiple champion banners, homebred success, over 100 All-American awards, top end public offerings, a 70 head milking herd with a 21,000 pound average, lifelong friendships and a partnership that will leave a legacy for generations to come. We invite you to come in, view the ladies of Elite Dairy and the latest happenings of our herd.  
Visit their Website HERE to learn more about the exciting animals they are working with and developing!
Latest Updates
Featured on the website are their consignment to the World Premier Brown Swiss Sale, held October 4 at World Dairy Expo. They’ve also updated the show results from this summer and early fall, including Supreme Champion of the All-American Dairy Show 2018, Cutting Edge T Delilah!