Cedarwal Farms

Location: 5904 Interprovincial Hwy, Abbotsford, BC

Phone: (604) 302-0989


Cedarwal Farms was started when Tony & Nicky Vanderwal immigrated from Holland in 1951, milking six cows on a small acreage. The farm moved to its current location in 1975 and expanded to 120 cows on 180 acres. Today Tony & Nicky’s sons Dave and Rich have taken over the management of the farm with their families. There are 400 cows milked at Cedarwal, which is managed by Rich’s family, and 250 cows milked at CedarValley, the organic branch of the farm, which is managed by Dave’s family. Extensive embryo transfer work is a large part of the business at Cedarwal and many embryos are exported annually. Investment in cow families like Glen Drummound Splendor, Lylehaven Lila Z and Braedale Gypsy Grand, really furthered the genetic profile of the farm early on and today a lot of emphasis is placed on genomics and producing high genomic females from a variety of the industry’s top genomic families.


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Latest News
The online embryo catalogue receive regular updates. Check often to see what embryos are available from some of the industry’s highest genomic families.