Brigeen Farms


Brigeen Farms is located in Turner, Maine, Northeast USA. The farm has been operational since 1777 and is run by Bill & Betsy Bullard and Steve & Mary Briggs. Their herd consists of 600 milk cows along with 500 Holstein heifers. The farms main breeding focus is for production. The overall pounds of components and type get equal billing, while remaining cognizant of A2, Immunity + status to ensure that they have long-lived productive animals, that require minimal intervention. The sires that they are currently using on the farm is Crushable, Unix, Diago & Redrock. Some of the notable cow families they are currently working with;

  • Roxy descendants of Brigeen Convincer Rhonda EX-95 GMD DOM
  • Gloryland-I Goldwyn Locket EX-94 thru her VG-88 Montross daughter Golden Oaks M Loren
  • Brigeen Outside Gigi EX-90 GMD DOM, most notably thru her EX Supersire daughter, Brigeen Supersire Gigi EX-90
  • Apple Juniper Outside Wish


Visit their Website HERE to learn more about the exciting animals they are working with and developing!

Latest Updates

Featured on their Facebook page is happenings around the farm, as well as pictures highlighting some of the shows they have attended over the summer. The results from their successful August 2018 classification are also available to view.