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Top 10 Qualities Farm Kids Bring to the Workplace
Rachel Kagay, Leadership Development Manager, FFA Enrichment Center

In my experiences growing up on a farm, and in my line of work, I have interacted with a wide variety of people.

Canadians want Canadian milk and dairy products
Pierre Lampron

Over the last few years, science has proven that not only is dairy fat not harmful to health – it is actually beneficial.

Social support crucial in turbulent dairy industry

Dairy farmers say social support is helping ease the pressures of the job in a turbulent time for the industry.

Dear Young Farmer, A letter from a Farmer who has been there before
Wanda Patsche, Farmer/Blogger

Dear Young Farmer: Farming is an honorable occupation, but it is not for the faint of heart. It is a profession overflowing with risk, hard work and great rewards.

Writing ‘Because I love you’ lists

Since the loss of her husband, Maggie Van Camp has been encouraging others to ensure their farm and personal plans are in order.

Rain in New Zealand effecting cows feet
Joe McGrath

Milk production numbers show this is tough on the  industry, farmers’ back pockets and on the cows. 

Data shows cows not the biggest cause of water pollution
Merv Rusk

The difference here is that while human waste is generally treated to a higher standard, it is the average city dweller that puts 40 times more wastewater into waterways and harbours than the average dairy cow.

How Dairy experience helped make an easy transistion to beef farming
Emily Ashworth

When Robert Howie made the switch from dairy to beef, he had all the wisdom gained from feeding high yielding milking cows to apply to beef production and a good understanding of the performance potential of high energy rations. 

Common Misconceptions About Inbreeding
Brian Van Doormaal, General Manager, CDN

Do you really understand inbreeding? Do you know how it accumulates in a population and what determines the inbreeding level of an given animal?

Is it time for Irish dairy farmers to move away from Holstein Friesian genetics?
Seán Cummins

The Irish dairy herd consists of approximately 1.3 million dairy cows – the majority of which are Holstein Friesian.

The power of a letter to get unstuck
Elaine Froese,CSP, CAFA, CHICoach

Sometimes we have to go back to basics in order to keep healthy change happening on our farms.

“We wish parents understood!”
Elaine Froese,CSP, CAFA, CHICoach

“We wish parents understood” was part of the twitter feed from young farmers attending the fabulous AgExcellence Conference 2015, put on by Farm Management Canada in Regina.

The Boys of Fall: The Big Bulls

In the early days of the fledgling show, World Dairy Exposition, nearly all the big show strings were anchored by a mature bull.

Dairy Farmers of Canada produces book “Dairy Farmers—Deeply Rooted for a Strong Future”

In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, Dairy Farmers of Canada has produced a book, Dairy Farmers—Deeply Rooted for a Strong Future that honours Canada’s dairy tradition and the contributions dairy farmers have made to Canada’s emergence as a nation.

How to get those tough and tender transition conversations started
Elaine Froese,CSP, CAFA, CHICoach

Young farmers frequently ask me: “Elaine, how do we get the conversation about changes on the farm started?”


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