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Profitable feeding programs for your farm’s dairy cattle
Martha Blum

Dry matter intake impacts the growth, fertility, metabolic disorders and longevity of dairy cows.

Feeding Acidified Milk to Calves
Coleen M. Jones & Jud Heinrichs

As group housing systems for calves have gained popularity in recent years, interest in acidified milk systems has also been renewed.

Important factors for successful Milk production

If you’re a dairy farmer, you’d certainly know that your income is directly proportional to the milk production at your farm. 

The Goldilocks diet for dry cows
Paul Larson Mindoro

One of the lessons I have learned while dairy farming is to feed a high-fiber, low-energy diet to dry cows before they calve.

Feeding your cows for better than average performance
Felix Opinya

Many dairy farmers wonder if their cows can perform better than average. Well, cows increase milk due to improved nutrition, genetic selection, better herd health and general management.

10 key important facts while dealing with Transition Cows

The transition period will make or break a lactation and quite possibly the entire productive life of a dairy cow.

Managing Fiber Digestion allows you to Maximize Milk Yield

Nutritionists and dairy producers need a lot of information about forage inputs to formulate a workable ration.

What Dairy Producers should Watch in Their Silage Ration
Sarah Mikesell

Silage production is not one-size-fits-all. What dairy producers ultimately want is more milk, and what beef producers want is more yield.

Quality colostrum is vital to give calves a strong start

Whether you raise 5, 50 or 500 calves, quality colostrum is vital to give calves a strong start.

Troubleshooting low Milk Production
Virginia A. Ishler source

Skills in detective work are sometimes more valuable than knowing the ins and outs of nutrition.

Know your lactating dairy diet costs
Paul Vitti

Occasionally, I talk to dairy producers about the financial aspects of operating a barn, aside from dairy nutrition.

Precision dairy rationing tools improve milk production & profits
Jackie Roembke, Feed Management and Feed International

Dairy nutritionists who introduce lower spec diets to hedge against high commodity costs or milk price volatility can cause long-lasting effects on a cow’s milk production.

Evaluating Milk Replacer

Deciding which milk replacer to use can be very challenging. Below are a few key things you should be aware of when making this decision, as not all milk replacers are created equal.

Filling the Tank

Filling The Tank-In Canada, the additional quota that has been recently issued, along with record numbers of incentive days allocated in 2017 has many farms ‘bursting at their seams’.

Giving your calves the best chance with Colostrum

Providing excellent care during the first 30 days of a dairy calf’s life will impact the level of immunity.


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