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Are you getting enough dairy in your diet?

June is National Dairy Month, and you should celebrate by enjoying dairy in your daily diet.

Feeding young calves the proper nutrition

June is ‘Dairy Month’ and that might be an appropriate time to review the nutrition program for those young calves born in a dairy herd.

Optimizing feeding is necessary to maintain milk production in organic herds

Consumer demand for organic milk recently surpassed the available supply, with sales of organic products reaching $35 billion in 2014 and continuing to rise.

Athletes incorportating Chocolate milk into their daily diet
Dylan Evangelista, Swimming World College Intern

There are specific reasons why competitive swimmers and athletes alike incorporate chocolate milk into their daily diet, and it’s not just due to the delicious taste.

Transistion Dairy Cows may benefit from spicing up their diet

It would be difficult to overstate the importance of the U.S. dairy industry.

How efficiently do dairy cows make use of dietary protein?
Luis Moraes, Ohio State University, Department of Animal Sciences

Lactating cows require substantial amounts of dietary protein to maintain physiological functions associated with maintenance and to yield protein in milk.

Producing more milk fat and protein is a proven way to enhance herd profitability
Stephen B. Blezinger, and Melina Aparecida Bonato, ICC Brazil

In the current international dairy market, increasing milk production quantity is no longer relevant due to low prices.

3 Checks for Colony Forming Units in Silage Inoculants

Every time forage is ensiled, there is a microscopic war between “good” bacteria that can create high-quality silage and “bad” microbes that may cause spoilage.

Research shows low consumption of dairy could increase chances of early menopause

Low consumption of dairy could increase the chances among women of an early menopause, new research has suggested.

Winter forage Triticale gaining popularity
Ann Blount, Cheryl Mackowiak, Nick DiLorenzo and Jose Dubeux, UF/IFAS NFREC Marianna

Triticale is a winter forage that is gaining in popularity in the Southeast.

Mycotoxins: What Are They? How Do We Test For Them?
Koos Vis, Diamond Hoof Care LTD

The discovery of the mycotoxin aflatoxin in the 1960s led to a boom in scientific and regulatory interest in mycotoxins. When it was found that aflatoxins can be carcinogenic in animals, an urgent need was sparked to facilitate a greater

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Where do you store your milk in the Refrigerator?

If you store your milk in the fridge door, we hate to break it to you but you’ve been doing it all wrong.

Grass-fed Dairy an Expanding Market
Marie Burcham, JD, Farm and Food Policy Analyst at The Cornucopia Institute

Consumers are now starting to look for “grass-fed” dairy, following exponential growth in the 100% grass-fed beef sector.

Teff Hay may be the safety net Dairy Producers need during a drought
Pat Melgares, K-State Research and Extension

Researchers at Kansas State University may just have found a safety net for dairy producers during times of limited water availability or drought.

Perennial Forage feeding vs. Corn Silage in your Dairy Herd

Corn silage use is trending on Quebec’s large dairy farms, but Valacta’s Robert Berthiaume argues farmers who run against the herd can bulk up their bottom line with perennial forages.


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