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Evaluating Milk Replacer

Deciding which milk replacer to use can be very challenging. Below are a few key things you should be aware of when making this decision, as not all milk replacers are created equal.

Filling the Tank

Filling The Tank-In Canada, the additional quota that has been recently issued, along with record numbers of incentive days allocated in 2017 has many farms ‘bursting at their seams’.

Giving your calves the best chance with Colostrum

Providing excellent care during the first 30 days of a dairy calf’s life will impact the level of immunity.

Avoid giving your baby calves gut aches
Peter Vitti, Independent livestock nutritionist and consultant

It takes time for a calf stomach to develop to handle certain feeds. 

Managing mid-season Grass grazing periods

The midseason grazing period requires careful management for a number of reasons. During spring both grass growth and quality are high, but as the season progresses both usually decline.

Supporting transition cow health and immune function with Probiotics

One of the most demanding times in the life of a dairy cow is the period three weeks before and after calving.

Feeding in a Robotic Milking System
Mathew M. Haan

A properly balanced ration and good feed management are important to achieving production goals and maintaining cow health on dairy farms.

Vitamin D research showing improvments in cow health during transition times

Researchers at Scibus and the University of Sydney are dishing up transition diets including calcidiol and anionic feeds and seeing exciting improvements in cow health and productivity.

Research shows feeding garlic powder to cattle does keep flies away

Feeding a little garlic powder to cattle does keep flies away and there are finally numbers to show it.

Are you getting enough dairy in your diet?

June is National Dairy Month, and you should celebrate by enjoying dairy in your daily diet.

Feeding young calves the proper nutrition

June is ‘Dairy Month’ and that might be an appropriate time to review the nutrition program for those young calves born in a dairy herd.

Optimizing feeding is necessary to maintain milk production in organic herds

Consumer demand for organic milk recently surpassed the available supply, with sales of organic products reaching $35 billion in 2014 and continuing to rise.

Athletes incorportating Chocolate milk into their daily diet
Dylan Evangelista, Swimming World College Intern

There are specific reasons why competitive swimmers and athletes alike incorporate chocolate milk into their daily diet, and it’s not just due to the delicious taste.

Transistion Dairy Cows may benefit from spicing up their diet

It would be difficult to overstate the importance of the U.S. dairy industry.

How efficiently do dairy cows make use of dietary protein?
Luis Moraes, Ohio State University, Department of Animal Sciences

Lactating cows require substantial amounts of dietary protein to maintain physiological functions associated with maintenance and to yield protein in milk.


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