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Vitamin A and D supplementation within your herd
Bill Weiss, Department of Animal Sciences, The Ohio State University

Because of a perfect storm of vitamin production problems, supplemental vitamins A and E are becoming scarce and prices are skyrocketing. Supplies probably will remain very tight well into summer of 2018.

Tips for Calf Colostrum Success

Whether you raise five, 50 or 500 calves, quality colostrum is vital to give calves a strong start.

Feeding productive dairy cows is balancing act

The ingredients dairy farmers feed their cows impact overall cow health so much that Dr. John Goeser believes that universities should merge veterinary science with nutritional science.

Are Your Cows Sorting?
Fernando Diaz, DVM, Ph.D

Dairy cows selectively consume their rations, generally sorting longer particles in favor of finer particles.

Boosting reproductive performance with protected B vitamins

B vitamins are essential nutrients and their supplementation, protected from rumen degradation, represents a real opportunity for dairy producers to optimise reproductive performance.

A Whole Lot of Water Goes Into That Milk
Aimee Nielson, University Of Kentucky

Water is important for most species’ survival. Dairy cows, in particular, require large quantities to produce the creamy white liquid for which they are famous. It is important for dairy producers to provide plenty of water within a convenient location

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Factors to consider when using a calf replacer

Raising a healthy and productive cow begins at the time a calf is born.

Nutritional Management of the Breeding-Age Heifer
Robert B Corbett DVM, PAS, Dipl. ACAN

The majority of the dairies in the U.S. have a specific age at which they begin to breed their heifers. 

Free Choice Salt Lick Vital for Livestock Health

Don’t laugh, I’m sure I’m not the only farm kid who’s done this. When I was a girl I remember licking the salt lick block in the barnyard. I told you not to laugh! I never considered germs or disease,

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Profitable feeding programs for your farm’s dairy cattle
Martha Blum

Dry matter intake impacts the growth, fertility, metabolic disorders and longevity of dairy cows.

Feeding Acidified Milk to Calves
Coleen M. Jones & Jud Heinrichs

As group housing systems for calves have gained popularity in recent years, interest in acidified milk systems has also been renewed.

Important factors for successful Milk production

If you’re a dairy farmer, you’d certainly know that your income is directly proportional to the milk production at your farm. 

The Goldilocks diet for dry cows
Paul Larson Mindoro

One of the lessons I have learned while dairy farming is to feed a high-fiber, low-energy diet to dry cows before they calve.

Feeding your cows for better than average performance
Felix Opinya

Many dairy farmers wonder if their cows can perform better than average. Well, cows increase milk due to improved nutrition, genetic selection, better herd health and general management.

10 key important facts while dealing with Transition Cows

The transition period will make or break a lactation and quite possibly the entire productive life of a dairy cow.


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