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Late summer temperatures can shorten the gestation length of fall-calvers

Dr. Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Emeritus Extension Animal Scientist, offers herd health advice as part of the weekly series known as the “Cow Calf Corner” published electronically by Dr. Peel and Dr. Glenn Selk.

Dealing with Neonatal calf diarrhea

Neonatal calf diarrhea, also known as scours, is one of the most common calfhood illnesses and can be a big problem for producers.

Good dry cow management is the key to two more lactations
Joep Driessen, CowSignals

80% of all problems arise in the transition period. 80 percent. Problems like milk fever, ketosis and metritis are a direct result of shortcomings in dry cow management.

Is the Variability in Your Farm’s Milking Procedure Affecting Milk Flow?
Phil Durst, Michigan State University Extension

Getting the cows milked two or three times a day is a lot of work.

Managing flies in pasture settings
Rory Lewandowski

Horn flies and face flies are the two most common flies that bother cattle in pasture settings. 

Taking full advantage of Reproductive Managment in your herd

One of the aspects of milk production with most potential for increasing margins is reproductive management.

On-Farm culturing can be used for more then masitis
Ginger D. Fenton

The notion of using on-farm culturing to gain more information about the causes of mastitis and to make subsequent treatment decisions based on these results has been around for a while.

Study shows exercise helps dairy cows reduce heat stress

For several days a week during this past summer, a handful of Kansas State University faculty and students took a couple dozen dairy cattle to a small paddock for early-in-the-morning, get-your-heart-pumping exercise — for the dairy cows.

Predicting when Anthrax spores will occur in Canada

Anthrax spores can lurk in soil for decades and there’s no telling where the disease will pop up from year to year.

Overview of the A.I. Sector in Canada
Brian Van Doormaal, General Manager, CDN

Canadian Dairy Network (CDN) has been offering genetic evaluation services for over twenty years now.

The importance of a clean calf shed
Gemma Chuck

A critical way to reduce the spread of disease from one season to the next is by removing soiled bedding and thoroughly cleaning a calf shed.

Keeping your Dairy herd healthy by preventing heat stress

We’re coming up on some of the hottest months of the year. It’s time to get familiar with the signs of heat stress and how you can keep your dairy herd healthy and happy.

New AgroChem Footbath Dosing System Ensures Consistency, Saves Time, and Money and Eliminates Human Error

The Footbath Dosing System from AgroChem, Inc. delivers a precise quantity of pre-mixed footbath concentration at the touch of a button, with no manual measuring or mixing required.

A Farm in central Alberta runs the first commercial dairy farm contributing data to the Genome Canada project
Ellen Airhart

Number 1995 is a very special cow. Every day, this Holstein, mostly black with a white cat-face-shaped spot on her forehead, sticks her head into a trough that measures the exact amount of feed she eats.

Managing heat stress with your herd
Jolien Veneman, Cargill ruminant specialist & Kasper Dieho, Cargill ruminant technology application specialist

Heat stress in dairy cows carries a price tag. A combination of warm, humid weather can cause heat stress and reduce milk production and fertility.


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