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Management Articles

Managing your lactating dairy herd in extreme cold conditions

Caring for the lactating dairy herd in extreme cold conditions also has its challenges, explained Tracey Erickson, SDSU Extension dairy field specialist. 

Health precautions for farm workers during the winter season

Winter has settled in to stay, and now is the time for some cold weather safety reminders.

Safety when tagging calves and other winter tasks

Even the quietest cows can be anxious and aggressive after calving with attacks from freshly calved cows one of the greatest risks on livestock farms.

Tips on conserving water on the farm this winter

Well, it seems as though winter is finally here, believe it or not, after such a warm fall.

The effects Subclinical Hypocalcemia can have on your Dairy’s Profitability
Boehringer Ingelheim

On calving day, cows will suddenly lose 20 to 30 grams of calcium to the udder for the production of colostrum, which is about two to three times the amount of calcium lost compared to the day prior to calving.

Planning for the future over the Christmas holiday season

Most farmers take things a bit easier with physical work over the Christmas Season.

Calving this time of year poses highest risk for diseases

Most dairy farmers will know that the period around calving is one of the highest risk times for diseases such as mastitis, retained cleansings, dirty calf-beds and displaced abomasum. 

Focus on the five C’s for cold-weather calf care

For quite some time, temperatures have been unusually warm, but we are now seeing evidence of the realities of Cache Valley winters.

Training your employees with the proper livestock handling practices

When training dairy employees about proper livestock handling practices, it is important to remind them that if animals are not handled properly, they can cause injuries to employees, explained Tracey Erickson, South Dakota State University extension dairy field specialist.

Nutritional Management of the Breeding-Age Heifer

The majority of the dairies in the U.S. have a specific age at which they begin to breed their heifers. 

Guidelines for Keeping Calf Pens Clean

You’ve heard it said cleanliness is next to godliness. This couldn’t be truer than when it comes to calf rearing.

Proper Nutrition is Essential to Fetal Development in the Final Trimester

Producers devote a lot of time, energy, expense and effort to make sure their cows have a good nutrition program in place just prior to calving, through lactation and breeding season.

Proper foot wrap application important for keeping cattle on their feet
Tina Kohlman and Aerica Bjurstrom, UW Extension

When it comes to health issues on a dairy farm, lameness is usually a main concern along with mastitis and reproductive issues.

Dealing with Sweet Clover poisoning

Mouldy sweet clover poisoning in cattle is caused by the ingestion of sweet clover hay or ensilage containing dicoumarol.

Prevent Zoonotic Diseases on Your Dairy Farm
Paola Bacigalupo Sanguesa, Michigan State University Extension

A current outbreak of multi-drug resistant Salmonella has been associated with dairy calves.


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