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Fly control managment on your farm
Jody G. Holthaus, Meadowlark Extension District Livestock Agent

As we transition into spring and before livestock producers turn cattle in to summer pastures, selecting this year’s fly control program should be considered.

Manure Pit Safety precautions

Taking safety precautions is vital for cattlemen working with barns that have pit manure storage.

Ventilating the modern cow barn
Carole Curtiss

Naturally ventilated barns have served dairy farmers well for decades.

Don’t Ignore Heifer Hoof Health
Maureen Hanson

When it comes to raising quality replacements, feet and legs are a critical element not to ignore, according to international hoof care consultant Karl Burgi.

Stress in feet can lead to lameness in the future
Maureen Hanson

Have you ever noticed you tend to have a lot more lameness in the fall? Or that your fresh cows start having foot problems just as they start to hit peak milk production?

Controlling Hairy Heel Warts in Dairy Cattle
Peter Vitti, Independent livestock nutritionist and consultant

Since the new year, I have travelled to many dairy farms across Western Canada and conducted a personal survey about lameness in dairy cattle. At each visit, I asked producers “What was their biggest cause of hoof problems?”

Milk Production & Reproductive Performance in Transition Cows
Landus Cooperative

If producers don’t see clinical milk fever and clinical ketosis, they often think all is well with the transition cows. But that is far from the truth.

Herd Life and Voluntary Disposals
Lynsay Beavers, Industry Liaison Coordinator, CDN Brian Van Doormaal, General Manager, CDN

The aim of Herd Life – Canada’s genetic evaluation for longevity – is to give producers the choice when it comes to removing animals from their herd.

Associated Mastitis in the Dry Cow Stage

What Is it? During lactation the udder is under pressure to continue producing milk after which there is a dry period during which the udder has an opportunity to recover.

Genetic traits for a Grazing herd

What is the best way to go about choosing genetics for your grazing herd?

Should we be rethinking blanket dry cow therapy?
Dr. Kasey M. Moyes, Assistant Professor of Nutritional Immunology;Department of Animal and Avian Sciences; University of Maryland.

Blanket dry cow therapy (BDCT) is defined as administering intramammary antibiotics into all four mammary quarters (i.e. infected or not) at dry-off to prevent new intramammary infections caused by susceptible organisms in the early dry period.

Keeping your Dairy Calves healthy
Carole Curtis

Calves are the future of a dairy farm, so keeping them healthy is a vital issue.

How to properly store Colostrum
FarmIreland Team

Teagasc’s George Ramsbottom has recently reported on the best ways to store the valuable resource that is colostrum.

Robot Roundtable

In 2014, we took some time to ask farmers a few questions about the transition to robot operations and how it worked in each situation. Take a look back at this roundtable on robots from a 2014 edition of Cowsmopolitan.

Designing barns that keep your Heifers healthy
Charlene M. Shupp Espenshade Special Sections Editor Charlene Shupp Espenshade

A heifer barn can determine the quality of the cow as she heads to the milking herd.


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