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How Foot Rot Affects Your Herd
Koos Vis, Diamond Hoof Care LTD

The term foot rot or ‘hoof rot’ is one that might be used on your farm to describe a sore foot.

Reasons why you should use an injection to worm your dairy cows

The use of injectable versus pour-on worm treatments is a subject for much debate on Irish dairy farms.

Bluetongue vaccination ‘a must’ to prevent trade lockdown

Livestock farmers are being advised to vaccinate sheep and cattle for bluetongue this year in order to protect the free trading of stock, should the disease arrive in the UK. 

Early treatment crucial for calves with ear infections
John Campbell; Large Animal Clinical Sciences, University of Saskatchewan’s Western College of Veterinary Medicine.

Ear infections are a common occurrence in young cattle. 

Communication key to Wisconsin’s Dairy future
Ben Brancel- Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

Over the past month, the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection focused on finding a short-term solution for the dozens of Wisconsin dairy farm families who suddenly lost their milk market.

Grass Tetany in Cattle
Jim Church, Idaho County Agent, University of Idaho Extension

We have all heard about grass tetany and several of you may have experienced it firsthand on your ranch, so this article will probably not be breaking ground in regards to new information, but I thought it would be good

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Will you be vaccinating your cattle against Leptospirosis?
Carolyn Hogan BVetMed MRCVS 

The sun is shining, the daffodils are out, and so soon will be the cows, so comes the question, will you be vaccinating your cattle against leptospirosis this year?

How Efficient Are Your Calves?

Feeding more milk replacer to calves can increase average daily gain, but can reduce starter intake and lower nitrogen efficiency and post weaning digestion.

Subacute Ruminal Acidosis can be predisposed in cattle

Cattle with subacute ruminal acidosis suffer from a number of low-level ailments that affect productivity.

Fly control managment on your farm
Jody G. Holthaus, Meadowlark Extension District Livestock Agent

As we transition into spring and before livestock producers turn cattle in to summer pastures, selecting this year’s fly control program should be considered.

Manure Pit Safety precautions

Taking safety precautions is vital for cattlemen working with barns that have pit manure storage.

Ventilating the modern cow barn
Carole Curtiss

Naturally ventilated barns have served dairy farmers well for decades.

Don’t Ignore Heifer Hoof Health
Maureen Hanson

When it comes to raising quality replacements, feet and legs are a critical element not to ignore, according to international hoof care consultant Karl Burgi.

Stress in feet can lead to lameness in the future
Maureen Hanson

Have you ever noticed you tend to have a lot more lameness in the fall? Or that your fresh cows start having foot problems just as they start to hit peak milk production?

Controlling Hairy Heel Warts in Dairy Cattle
Peter Vitti, Independent livestock nutritionist and consultant

Since the new year, I have travelled to many dairy farms across Western Canada and conducted a personal survey about lameness in dairy cattle. At each visit, I asked producers “What was their biggest cause of hoof problems?”


Spring 2017


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