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Management Articles

CDN Website Tips & Tricks: The Group Query
Lynsay Beavers, Industry Liaison Coordinator, CDN Brian Van Doormaal, General Manager, CDN

Many dairy producers are technologically savvy and seek out tools to help them better manage their herds.

Hoof Care and Foot Health with Jamie Sullivan

As dairy farmers, we all know hoof care and foot health are vital to the profitability of our operation. While nutrition can play a role in foot health, proper hoof care is key in maintaining a cow’s ability to move

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Calf Management: Do your Calves Get a Passing Grade?

Dairy farmers put a lot of thought, effort, and expense into the breeding program for their farm. There are family bloodlines that have been worked on for generations.  Each time a pregnancy is created, the goal is to end up

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Cows are huddling in a part of the barn
Jan Hulsen, CowSignals

Every year in summer certain questions reach us from all over the world: “Our cows huddle together on a specific moment of the day (around noon)

CDN Website Tips & Tricks: The Animal Query
Lynsay Beavers & Brian Van Doormaal, CDN

Many dairy producers are technologically savvy and seek out tools to help them better manage their herds.

8 Ways to Help Keep Performance Consistent Across Seasons

Often, rations can change seasonally. In fact, it’s common for producers to experience lower butterfat tests and higher numbers of butterfat inversions this time of year.

New Expression for Somatic Cell Score Evaluations

Dairy producers are highly aware of the importance of good udder health on milk quality, animal health and the general profitability of the dairy herd.

Who do you trust to advise you?
Joep Driessen, founder CowSignals

Being a farmer is a challenging job. You need to know a lot about every detail involved in farming: health, feed, housing, management and economics.

Stress-free stockmanship is the most underestimated skill in dairy management
Joep Driessen, CowSignals

7 years ago Jan Hulsen and I did an amazing training with Bud Williams, a beef farmer in the US.

Keeping Your Show Heifers in Shape for Spring

As we get into spring, although that seems like a loose term in many parts of the country, the 2018 show season is already in full spring. Showing heifers in the spring can prove to be challenging, so Cowsmo asked

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Is your colostrum management working?

All dairy farmers know the importance of the first meal of colostrum to ensuring a calf gets off to the best start in life.

5 Topics to Improve Animal Welfare and Farmer Welfare

Farmers are facing big challenges. Society expects a lot and legislation increases. Nowadays a farmer is not only someone who takes care of animals, he’s more and more an entrepreneur who needs to know everything about everything. I’m convinced that

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Keeping your calves healthy this fall

Experience tells us that fall can be a treacherous season for keeping calves healthy.

Overview of the A.I. Sector in Canada
Brian Van Doormaal, General Manager, CDN

Canadian Dairy Network (CDN) has been offering genetic evaluation services for over twenty years now.

Predisposition to Rumen Acidosis
Lauren Quinn, University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

URBANA, Ill. – Scientists are not sure why some cows develop the condition known as subacute ruminal acidosis, or SARA, but producers know it causes a number of minor symptoms that can create major problems.


Summer 2018

  • Grand Champion of the IL State Fair Brown Swiss is Osborn Bros Dill 6820, 1st 5yr Old, Ellie Albert, IL. Thanks to…

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