Cowsmopolitan is a global platform that is regarded as the #1 website by pedigree enthusiastics from all over the world.

Abe Light,

Reflex Genetics, New York, USA

The content of the magazine is excellent. Its not a rehash of articles that have been printed 100 times already. Its personal, its down to earth, and its for cow people, BY cow people. Awesome Features, great advertisers, and stuff you didn't already see on the web. Congrats for being the standard, and bringing a literal world of enthusiasts together in one publication!

Murray Hunt,


Just received my fall issue in the mail today. WOW a.k.a. What outstanding work. I could not put it down so read it cover to cover. I’m impressed with content, style and quality. Where else can I get so much information and the amount of people information is beyond - beyond?

Russell Gammon,

Semex Canada, Ontario

When we returned to Guelph you can imagine what was waiting for us! Oh yes! A very large and very colourful and very wonderful Cowsmo. I think that it is your best to date, now that I’ve had the chance to “consume” some of it with lunch today! The lunch was good but the magazine is even better! I know we’ve said it before but you have done another spectacular job! This 132 page masterpiece truly is impressive!

Print Advertising

Cowsmopolitan is a subscription based magazine published 5 times per year.  21,000 copies distributed each year 55% Canada (40% Western, 40% Ontario, 10% Maritimes & 10% Quebec) 30% United States 15% International.

  • 21,000 copies distributed each year
  • 55% Canadian distribution (40% Western, 40% Ontario, 10% Maritimes & 10% Quebec)
  • 30% United States distribution
  • 15% International distribution

Online Advertising

We provide world wide daily coverage of news, events, articles on breeding, management and other industry related topics at The main source of traffic for the website is derived from daily news and online show coverage.

  • Global website exposure statistics - 2,559,531 page views (Jan-Dec 2017)
  • Demographics of 56% USA, 30% Canada and 14% International
  • The average user spends 3 1/2 minutes on our website
  • Some of our larger events in 2017 had as many as 17,000 visits for that event page alone, a 28% increase for the same event in 2016.