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Young Sire Graduate Welcomed Among Top 25 LPI in Ayrshires
April 4, 2017
Kamouraska Lacteo (son of Pokerstars out of Kamouraska Jupi Uby-ET, #10 GLPI) takes highest rank among young sire graduates this round, landing at #21 LPI. A second newcomer of interest is Des Fleurs Parchemin-ET (Kansas x Poker), who takes #33 LPI position. Most of the Top 10 LPI sires remain the same group as last round, still led by Orraryd (#1 for LPI, Fat and Protein) and Peterslund (#2 LPI). T-Bruno and Roi Tennison-ET both move up one notch to now take #3 and #4 LPI, respectively. Two bulls that experience that largest LPI increases this round are Cock Rond Big Brother (Oblique x B Jurist, at #5 from #16 LPI) and Duo Star Armani-ET (Percy x Calimero, at #6 from #15 LPI). The Top 10 LPI list is completed this round by Oblique (#7), Riesling (#8 from #3), Decaf (#9) and Kansas at #10 LPI.

Kamouraska Orra Xuby holds on as LPI Queen as #1 GLPI but this round is followed by Kamouraska Orrad Youdez after she jumps from #5 to #2 GLPI. After her climb up the LPI ladder last round, Des Fleurs Orraryd Pardon-ET stays solid at #3 GLPI. Margot Charade also stays cemented, at #4 GLPI, and is now followed by one of her elite daughters, namely Margot Chocolate-ET at #5 GLPI. The list of cows among the Top 10 GLPI is completed by Des Coteaux Rockstar Alexandri (#6),  Kamouraska Peterslund Ruby (#7, dam of Xuby), Duo Star Armada-ET (#8), Kamouraska Volvo Adelle (#9, up from #18) and Kamouraska Jupi Uby-ET (daughter of Ruby and maternal sister to Xuby) at #10 GLPI. Three newly indexed cows arrive among the Top 15 GLPI, including Kamouraska Braelyn-ET (#11, Patriote x Jumper) and full-sister daughters of Des Fleurs Orraryd Pardon-ET (#3 GLPI), specifically Des Fleurs Rockstar Patricia-ET (#12 GLPI) and Des Fleurs Rockstar Parelle-ET (#14 GLPI).

Source: Canadian Dairy Network


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