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World’s Largest Milk Toast at Indy 500
May 30, 2016

History will be made this year as racegoers attempt the world’s largest milk toast at the Indiana Motor Speedway.

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis 500, the Indiana Motor Speedway, the American Dairy Association Indiana and Prairie Farms are teaming up, giving out 100,000 pints of milk to race fans at the event. The hope is to have a massive milk toast to celebrate another year’s win.

“We’ll be distributing with race fans as they enter the speedway on race day morning and asking them to take milk and put it in their cooler. Later, when it’s time to toast the winning driver with the victory bottle of milk, everybody that has a bottle of milk in the stands will be able to toast the winning driver with their own pint of milk,” said Deb, Osza, general manager for  the American Dairy Association in Indiana.

It’s been eighty-three years since Louis Meyer started the milk tradition. He asked for a cold glass of buttermilk after he won the race back in 1933.

Source – AGweb Dairy Today



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