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World Wide Sires UK – “Limited Collection”
May 28, 2013

New ‘Limited Collection’ offers last chance to buy out-of-production bulls.

A selection of key Holstein and coloured breed bulls, which are out of production and therefore in limited supply, are being offered to World Wide Sires customers on a first-come, first-served basis, with stocks predicted to sell out rapidly.

World Wide Sires UK has collated the bulls into a ‘Limited Collection’, which offers closing stocks from a number of the UK’s favourite bulls from the past few years at competitive prices.

The collection includes popular Holstein bulls such as Atlantic, Sanchez and Scooby-Duu, which are well known in the UK for producing high yielding daughters with fantastic production and conformation traits. But these bulls are no longer in active production, and as such stocks of their semen are in dwindling supply.

As well as UK-proven Holstein bulls, the Limited Collection also includes a range of genomic bulls, as well as a selection of sought after bulls from the Ayrshire, Jersey and Guernsey breeds.

“The Limited Collection contains some highly sought after bulls which are now available at exceptionally competitive prices, but whose stocks are in short supply,” explains Nicky Ford, business support manager for World Wide Sires UK.

“A number of the bulls in the collection are available as sexed or conventional semen. Customers wanting to secure the last few straws of these popular bulls will need to act quickly as we expect supplies to sell out rapidly.”

Source: Holstein UK


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