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Wisconsin Farm Chooses Anaerobic Digestion Biogas CHP
August 19, 2015

Rolls-Royce has been selected by Wisconsin-based Statz Bros., Inc to provide an MTU Onsite Energy Series 4000 combined heat and power (CHP) system for its newly developed dairy facility in Sun Prairie.

The renewable energy solution will operate on biogas generated by the anaerobic digestion of cow manure from the facility’s more than 2,500 Holsteins.

The installation is MTU Onsite Energy’s first fully engineered anaerobic digestion biogas CHP system in North America. MTU Onsite Energy is part of Rolls-Royce Power Systems within the Land & Sea division of Rolls-Royce.

The MTU Onsite Energy 8V 4000 GS CHP system produces 763 kilowatts of electricity (kWe) and 2.4 million BTUs of heat per hour, which will meet a significant proportion of the continuous electricity and climate control demands of the facility’s new state-of-the-art milking parlor. The CHP will help Statz Farms offset operating costs and help reduce overall energy usage by up to 42 percent.

“We wanted the most advanced cogeneration unit we could find for our new dairy farm and we found that with MTU Onsite Energy,” said Troy Statz, managing partner, Statz Bros., Inc. “We know we made the right decision and we are ready to monitor the unit’s performance to prove it.”

MTU Onsite Energy offers natural gas and biogas-fueled CHP systems producing 128-2129 kWe. The new CHP at Statz Bros. was installed in May and will be supported locally by W.W. Williams, MTU Onsite Energy‘s Midwest-area dealer.

“More and more, companies are realizing the economic and environmental benefits of cogeneration systems and interest is booming across the Midwest,” said Tom Drake, manager gas power systems at W.W. Williams.

As an exemplary family-owned agricultural facility, Statz Farms will host the 2015 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days, Aug. 25-27. The three-day event highlights the latest developments in production agriculture and is one of the largest agricultural shows in the nation, welcoming more than 60,000 attendees.

For more information on MTU Onsite Energy’s diesel- and gas-powered cogeneration solutions, visit HERE.



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