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Welsh Dairy Farmers urged to take advantage of EU support
August 14, 2017

Milk recording is a way to receive impartial information on the productivity, health and fertility of a herd.

The information on the performance of each cow helps farm businesses become more efficient, resilient and profitable.

WDE-Barn4401The Milk Recording Scheme is voluntary but limited to one payment per Customer Reference Number (CRN).

Depending on the number of applications received the payment will be at least £750 to farmers who have, or take out, a milk recording contract.

To qualify, farmers must have an existing, or take out a new milk recording contract and carry out individual cow milk recording samples a minimum of four times per year. These can be ‘DIY’ or assisted.

The EU is providing support for farm business in recognition of recent difficulties affecting dairy markets.

In addition to Milk Recording, up to 1,000 Welsh farmers will benefit from separate “benchmarking” support.

Under this voluntary scheme participating farmers will receive £1,800 and a “benchmark report” showing the strengths and weaknesses of their business.


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