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We Need a Show Book Release
September 29, 2015

We Need a Show, a book written to commemorate the first 50 years of World Dairy Expo is now available for purchase

After three long years of extensive research, sorting thru photos, interviews, editing and more editing the book to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of World Dairy Expo has been released!  A group of journalists and dairymen who’ve had a passion for exhibiting dairy cattle at World Dairy Expo have come together to piece together this limited edition commemorative book celebrating the last 49 years of World Dairy Expo.

The tradition of the “colored shavings” didn’t start until 1984,  it took seven committed dairymen to mortage their farms to get expo off the ground 49 years ago, the Badger Dairy club started in 1972, providing student workers at expo ever since…. these are just some of the interesting bits of information found within the eight chapters of “We Need a Show.”  The book shares stories and photographs from the early days when expo was just a dream.   Forty writers worked together to put together these great articles alongside pages upon pages of images sourced thru livestock photographers and journalists from “back in the day” to bring to life what Expo was and what it is today!

We Need a Show can be purchased at the Purple Cow gift shop for $25USD plus tax.
Be sure to get your copy and track down some of those legends who are quoted and in the photographs in these pages, for an autograph!


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