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Use of Technology on Dairy Farms – Tuesday 25th June
June 10, 2013

Woodpark is a working dairy farm covering 200 acres at the University of Liverpool’s Leahurst campus.

The closed dairy herd runs 185 milking cows plus calves. Annual milk yield stands at 11,300 litres per cow. Data gathered is used extensively in Liverpool Vet School’s teaching and research.

The event will begin at 10.30am and finish around 3.30pm.

There will be a small charge of £10 for this event to include lunch, coffee and tea.

To register please go to or for more information please contact Charlotte Johnston,

The event is being held at Woodpark Farm,  University of Liverpool, Neston, Cheshire.

10.30am               Arrive, coffee and tea

11am                     Introduction to Woodpark Farm, John Cameron—Farm Manager

11.30am                   Use of technologies on a working dairy farm, Rob Smith—Liverpool Vet School

12.30pm               Farm tour

1.30pm                 Lunch

2.15pm                 Tour of work stations to include:

Fabdec Heatime—A collar that combines rumination, heat detection and cow identification.

Alta CowAlert—A pedometer system that measures cow behaviour providing heat alerts together with lying time & mobility scoring.

iKeenan—Accurate and consistent rations with PaceConnect and AutoStop.

Target Solutions—Automatic footwashers that wash and treat hooves during milking.

Semex – Calving24, a new calving detection systems and Immunity+, a new range of bulls which transmit higher immunity to offspring.
eCow— The farmBolus provides real time pH and temperature data collection from the rumen.

3.30pm                 End

Source: Holstein UK



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