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US Milking Shorthorn All-Americans Announced for 2015
January 4, 2016

The American Milking Shorthorn Society has announced their All-American nominations for the 2015 show season.
Spring Calves (17)
Daysland Acres Dutch Viola, Tyler Endres, WI
Daysland Acres Prince Unique, Katie Albaugh, MD
Edgebrook Pirelli Ladyspride EXP, Brett Groebner, WI
Heavenly Creampuff, Jonathon Clark, NH
Lazy M Patriot Jaclyn EXP, Heath Gibbs, IA
Windswept Farm Dutch Adalaide, Shelby Hahn, MD

Winter Calves (6)
B-D-F Lothario Classy, Dallas Butts, IN
Daysland Acres Prince Denim, Katie Albaugh, MD
Hills Acre Callie, Bob Hill, IN
Lazy M Patriot Jasmine-ET, Michael & Herman Maier, WI
Solid Gold Patriot Pepsi-ET, Spencer Weimer, PA
Trilow Zeus Lala-ET, Tristen & Willow Upchurch, CA

Fall Calves (6)
B-D-F Showtime Marsha, Dallas Butts, IN
GMC Rubens Delta EXP-ET, Lindsey Clark, NH
Innisfail Mega Lucroy-ET, John Stuart Rowe & Katie Bue, WI
North Stars Penelope EXP-ET, Michael & Herman Maier, WI
Solid Gold Patriot Pizza-ET, Spencer Weimer, PA
TT Morning Anna Nichole-ET, Glen Rida, MA

Summer Yearlings (6)
Corstar PVF Lovespell EXP-ET, Jason & Leah James, WI
Halpins Clancy Mardi Gras, Owen Halpin, IL
Lazy M Jekyll Cali, Mena Schmitt, WI
Lazy M Jekyll Zada, Michael & Herman Maier, WI
Pine Valley Lir Leilani EXP, Madie Weis, WI
Ridale Royal Sahara-ET, Ryan Rida, MA

Spring Yearlings (7)
Brightside Adobe Prada, Marissa Jennings, OK
Eichlers MD Blanche-ET, John Tryon, NY
Gold Mine G Iron Dior 214, Annie Zoellner, SD
Halpins Ellanie, Owen Halpin, IL
Hills-Acre Nationa Kissnhugs P, Bob Hill, IN
Topp-View Liriano EXP, Aubree Topp, OH

Winter Yearlings (5)
B-D-F Showtime Sweet Feet, Dallas Butts, IN
GMC Kaiser Dallas, Brooke Morgan Clarke, NH
Hillholm Liriano Daydream EXP, Madisyn Wright, NY
Lazy M Liriano Ally EXP, Michael & Herman Maier, WI
R-Generation Logic Emily EXP, Olivia Kennedy, PA

Fall Yearlings (4)
Hard Core Premium Fire Maid EXP, Peter Vail, Hillpoint Partners, Frank & Diane Borba, NY
Lazy M Pirelli Got It EXP, Michael & Herman Maier, WI
Lazy M RR Zeus Geewhiz, Mena Schmitt, WI
Valley View Timber 2098 EXP, Jessica Crawley, AR

Milking Yearlings (3)
GMC Logic Delaware-ET, Lindsey Clark, NH
PD Presto Don’t Be Jealous, Tucker Peterson, MO
Wildholm Sunflower Gold EXP, Madisyn Wright, NY

Junior 2 Year Olds (10)
Elron Nitro Wow, Halie Gruenwald, IA
Gibbs Liriano Carper EXP-ET, Lincoln Gibbs, IA
Mapleton Vly Cancun Zunique, Mapleton Valley Farms, WI
North Star Jacks Edda 146, Sarah Rhoades, Greenville, OH
Renn-Lee Mudslinger Zazz, Michelle Upchurch & Susan Lee, CA
Spungold-R Poppys Pearl-ET, Dale & Deanna Bendig & Mark Gieron, PA

Senior 2 Year Olds (8)
Hard Core Perfect Sunrise EXP, Keith & Donette Fisher, PA
Innisfail Cy Rosalie 252, Logan & Kiersten Lattire, IN
Innisfail RU Lady 304 EXP, Nicholas Achen, SD
Mi-San Heavenly Lollipop, Kurt Wolf & John Cannon, IA
Ourway IR Alsha Amber 12th EXP, Emily Winton, IL
Topp-View Moonshine Alexa, Keaton, Kinley & Madelyn Topp, OH

Junior 3 Year Olds (6)
Innisfail Cy Lobelia 239, Alex Weiss, OH
Innisfail-WO Mega Ladyluck-ET, Michael & Herman Maier, WI
Lazy M Mega Arizona, Michael & Herman Maier, WI
North Star Dakotas Parti EXP, Christopher Pederson, MN
North Stars Mega Jalapena, Michael Pederson, MN
North Stars Mega Joker-ET, Michael & Herman Maier, WI

Senior 3 Year Olds (8)
Corstar Lovely Lady EXP-ET, Cory Salzl, MN
Elron Megadeath Waveland EXP-ET, Halie Gruenwald, IA
Hard Core ORaely-ET, Chriselle Fisher, PA
HC-HP Red Rob Fireball EXP-ET, Peter Vail & Hillpoint Partners, NY
Innisfail Jo Lady 217 EXP, M&G Halpin & M Mackinson, IL
Washita Sami Ricibobi EXP, Jesse Arthur, OK

4 Year Olds (7)
Blue Spruce Megad McKenzie, Blackhawk Syndicate, IL
Cates Ruben Tulsa Time EXP, Peter Cate, NH
Cold Springs RU Lady Di EXP, Bartlett, Kostka & Rida, Worthington, MA
Halpins Gracie 2nd, Amy Halpin, IL
Innisfail RU Lady 072 EXP, Innisfail-Exel Shorthorns, CA
Kuszmar Megadeth Poppy, John & Marjorie Kuszlyk, NY

5 Year Olds (6)
GMC Zuess Princess 1022, Brooke Morgan Clark, NH
Heavenly Betty EXP, Ryan Rida, MA
Lands-Brook Chippewa, Lands-Brook Farms, IA
Lands-Brook MVF L Cassidy-ET, Mapleton Valley Farms, WI
Michaels Liriano Damoose EXP, Michael & Herman Maier, WI
Redien Acres JR, Jacobs Baker, OH

Aged Cows (5)
Hard Core Ace Roxy EXP, Keith & Donette Fisher, PA
Innisfail Jo Lady 824, Brooke Morgan Clark, NH
Innisfail RO Lady 906 EXP, Lindsey Clark, NH
Innisfail ST Emily 864 EXP, Emily Syndicate, Bartlett, Clark, Rowe & Von Tungeln, NH
R-Generation Othellos Lust EXP, Jessica & Jason Kennedy, PA

Production Cows (3)
Hard Core Ace Roxy EXP, Keith & Donette Fisher, PA
Innisfail RO Lady 7088 EXP, Logan Lattire, IN
Kuszmar Arkansas Mud EXP, Steven & Susan Kuszlyk, NY

Best 3 Females (3)
Elron Farms, IA
Hard Core, PA
Exel Shorthorns, CA


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