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US Jersey Junior ownership deadline is August 1
July 29, 2017

The US Jersey Junior ownership deadline is August 1 for those wishing to exhibit at the All American Junior Jersey Show.

JrJerseyRule 1, Exhibitors. Exhibitors must be no younger than nine (9) and no older than 20 years of age as of January 1, 2017. U.S. residents must be members (junior or lifetime) of the American Jersey Cattle Association.

Rule 2, Entries. Animals are eligible when recorded by the American Jersey Cattle Association in the Herd Register or with Generation Count 4 or greater, or by Jersey Canada with registry status of 93.75% and greater.

The exhibitor must be listed as Recorded Owner on the registration certificate, either (1) as the sole owner or (2) by his/her name in joint ownership. If the joint ownership includes more than one person meeting the eligibility requirements of Rule 1 (above), one of them must be declared as the exhibitor during check-in.

Animals must be registered and/or transferred to meet one of the above ownership requirements on or before August 1, 2017. The date of registration and/or transfer is the Date Recorded printed on the registration certificate.

Complete rules posted here.


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