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Update: the Canadian Milk Tour Will Resume
August 2, 2018

Henk Schuurmans plans to resume the Canadian Milk Tour in September to continue the conversation with Canadian dairy farmers.

Henk and his wife Bettina set out a month ago on their John Deere tractor to raise awareness about the Canadian supply management system and Canadian dairy families. Tragically, the couple was in a terrible accident just outside of Saskatoon on July 9, in which Bettina passed away.

Henk, who suffered a broken pelvis and ribs, plans to resume the tour in September after his son’s wedding, but this time in a truck. Each of the Schuurmans children will take turns riding along with their dad, who plans to stop at each of the places that he and Bettina visited the first time around, that have shown tremendous support for the family since the accident.

According the Schuurmans family, the tour will allow Henk to finish what he and Bettina started and had so much fun doing, and will be a way to honour Bettina’s memory as part of the healing process.


Previous Updates:

The dairy industry reeled after learning the news of the fatal crash during the Canadian Milk Tour on the morning of July 9, just outside of Saskatoon. Henk Schuurmans was taken to hospital with serious injuries while his wife, Bettina, did not survive the impact of the tractor trailer that hit the John Deere tractor the Schuurmans were driving across the country to promote family farms and the Canadian supply management system.

The Schuurmans children gather in Saskatoon to pay tribute to their mother Bettina and support Henk through his recovery – photo courtesy of Milky Wave Dairy Inc.


Since then, the Schuurmans children have all gathered in Saskatoon to support Henk, who had surgery this past Thursday. Milky Wave Dairy posted a picture on their social media of Henk standing in the hospital, with a caption that read “making awesome progress.” The family has also reached out on social media thanking everyone for their support and prayers through this tragedy.

The GoFundMe page, started as a fundraiser to help with expenses related to the accident and provide support for the family, has more than quadrupled its $10,000 goal so far, with contributions pouring in from dairy producers across the country. If you’d like to contribute please visit HERE

We continue to show our support for the Schuurmans family during this difficult time. To read more about their story please click on our past posts: Canadian Milk Tour Ends in Tragedy and Travel By Tractor to Support Canadian Dairy Farmers 


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