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Two time Master Breeders Alpina Dairy Farm
March 31, 2013

Located in the beautiful Fraser Valley of BC, Alpina Dairy Farm is very excited to be receiving their 2nd Master Breeder Shield for 2012. A family farm at heart, Rudy and Trudy Russenberger have led this herd to be recognized among Canada’s top breeders, twice! Alpina has come a long way since the s tart of classifying in 1982. Registered cows that classified on that first day scored 7GP, 5G, and 1F. Current herd breakdown is 13EX, 70VG, and 60GP. The goal for Rudy has always been to have consistency of great cows within the herd. If you’ve seen an advertisement from this farm, it really is true when they say ‘we have, and always will, sell from our best!’.

Rudy and Trudy Russenberger

Rudy and Trudy Russenberger

Farm Operation:

Currently milking 150 cows, with 300 head total on farm.  Alpina runs 95 owned acres with another 50 acres rented- all in grass and corn silage.  Alfalfa hay and custom grain mix is bought in and fed in a Total Mixed Ration (TMR).

All milking cows are Holstein, with a herd classification of 13EX 70VG and 60 GP.

The last animal bought on farm was Rainyridge Cybelle Blitz. She was flushed and sold embryos to Australia.  One of the resulting offspring,  Murribrook Goldwyn Cadance, went on to win Intermediate Champion at the International Dairy Week (IDW) Show in January 2013.

Flushing was started very early to improve the herd as quickly as possible.  The farm began flushing for export once the herd was at a quality level,  and grew tired of implanting cows that would go VG in the future. Looking forward, it was decided to breed the entire herd to good bulls rather than building only a few families.

Herd production average is 11,500kg milk, with 3.89%F and 3.3%P.

Sires that worked best include Goldwyn, Rudolph, Storm and Baxter. Qualifications for breeding are that there is a high LPI, including a high Conformation score.

One of the main goals has always been to have good cows throughout the herd, so if there is a need to sell for dairy, buyers can choose from a great selection of dairy cows for their own herds.

Alpina Goldwyn Cyrus VG-87

Alpina Goldwyn Cyrus VG-87

Russenberger Family

Russenberger Family



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