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Two Bulls Achieve Official LPI Status in the Canadienne Breed
August 9, 2016

Since the lists of Top 10 sires and cows both include the exact same animals as last round, attention focuses on the fact that two older bulls now achieve official LPI status.
Britannia Rubis Venus ET arrives at #23 LPI with strong Conformation at +8 but negative ratings for production, while Brunet Karate Heritage takes #30 LPI position.

Top 5 LPI sires this round are Expo, Faberge, Simon, Epi and Urluberlu, in that order. The trio of Monbriant Expo Fleurette, Celebrity Vladimir You (#4 Fat, tied #5 Protein) and Amandes Vladimir Anabelle (#1 Protein) keep their former 1-2-3 rankings for LPI, and are now followed by Amandes Vladimir Adele at #4 LPI and Amandes Expo Justice at #5 LPI (#1 Milk, #1 Fat, #2 Protein).

The highest newly indexed cow this round is Celebrity Vladimir Narnian at #43 LPI.


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