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Tramilda Holsteins Has Great Classification Day
March 15, 2016

Tramilda Holsteins of Montezuma, GA has great classification results to share. The days totals included a 92 point 3 year old, an 89 point 2 year old, an 88 2 year old, and five 87 point 2 year olds.Highlights included:

Tramilda-N Ad Flare-Red  EX-93, the Supreme Champion at the 2016 Florida State Fair

Duckett-SA Braxton Fran  EX-92 (Max Score), a Braxton X Frosty EX-97

Tramilda Atwood Raine EX-92  93-MS, an Atwood from the Roxys

Tramilda Atwood Melon EX-92

Lexis Sid Rielle EX-91  92-MS, the Reserve Junior All-American Junior 3 Year Old in 2015

Ms Brocade Uno Brie EX-90, an Uno X Brocade EX-92

Cottoncrest Atwood Enjoy EX-90, an Atwood from the Elegance family

Coyne-Farms Observer Yan EX-90, an Observer X Shottle Yeah


Budjon-JK Gold Chip Enamel VG-89 EX-MS (Max Score), a Gold Chip X Emilys Edair EX-95

Tramilda Atwood Hobby  VG-88

MS Tara GC Tango VG-87, a Gold Chip X Werrcroft Gold Tara EX-94

Stunning Sid Rhiannon  VG-87, a Sid X 92 Atwood X 94 Durham

Savage-Leigh Acme Light VG-87, an Acme X EX Atwood from Licorice family

Ocd Atwood Mojo VG-87, an Atwood X 94 Durham

Tramilda Atwood Lori VG-87, an Atwood X VG Aspen X 94 Durham

MS G-D Corrine-Red VG-86, a Barbwire X Red-Vision Dory family

T-Gen-Ac Denzel Janardy VG-86, a Denzel X Benner Fork Janardan VG-87

Tramilda Brady Randi VG-86 (fresh 3 weeks)

Other VG 2-year-olds…
Mayerlane Atw Rattler VG-85
Tramilda Braxton Rae VG-85
Tramilda Chester Yeah VG-85
Tramilda-N Hero Express VG-85
Tramilda-N Ehrdt Lexus-P VG-85


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