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Top 10 LPI Brown Swiss Bulls Welcome Two Newcomers
April 4, 2017

After first being progeny proven in Europe, Lavage Zeus Vino Zephir (Zeus x Vinozak) receives his first official domestic proof this round and debuts at #6 LPI.

The highest young sire graduate, however, is Holyland Tougher ET at #8 LPI, who is a son of R N R Payoff Brookings ET at #1 LPI and #1 Protein.  Other Top 5 LPI sires this round include Payssli ET, Cozy Nook Twilight Twin, Hart V A Alimony ET, Schamaun BS Gordon Glenn ET, in that order. In terms of other sires with their first official LPI this round, four manage to enter the Top 30 LPI ranks. Cozy Nook Joel Temtation ET (AltaJoel x AltaPronto) takes #18 LPI spot with Voelkers TD Carter (TD x Wonderment) close behind at #20 LPI. The other pair includes Oak View Zeus August (Red Brae Prelude Zeus x Collection) at #27 LPI and Gubelman Direct (Vigor x AltaPronto) in #28 LPI position. On the cow side, Nor Bella Paul Eve makes her move up the list to take over #1 GLPI (#2 Milk, #1 Fat, #2 Protein, tied #2 Conformation), forcing the former breed leading duo down a notch as Shady Lane Swiss Brkngs Alpha and Gubelman Juhus Crystal settled at #2 and #3 GLPI, respectively. The Top 5 GLPI list is completed by Gubelman Brookings Claire (#4) and Top Swiss Prossli Brad at #5 GLPI. The highest newly indexed cow this round is Koopycrest Huray Bella P ET (Huray x Brookings) at #8 GLPI and #1Protein.

Source: Canadian Dairy Network


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