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Three Sires Make Their Debut on Brown Swiss Top 5 LPI List
August 9, 2016

As Payssli ET receives his first official domestic proof in Canada, after been originally
proven in Germany, he goes right for the summit and takes #1 for LPI, Fat and Protein as well as #2 Milk, forcing R N R Payoff Brookings ET (Payoff x Denmark) into #2 LPI position.
Two young sire graduates also achieve proven status among the Top 5 LPI as Cozy Nook Twilight Twin (son of Brookings out of Cozy Nook Etvei Tatum) debuts at #3 LPI (tied #2 Conformation at +13), immediately followed by R Hart V A Alimony ET (Vigor son out of Blessing Currency Angila ET) in #4 LPI spot.

Blessing Prophet Ransom also stays strong by landing in #5 LPI this round. On the female side, there are also three newly indexed cows that penetrate the Top 10 LPI list, which is still led by Gubelman Juhus Crystal at #1 LPI (#1 Fat, #1 Protein) and Shady Lane Swiss Brkngs Alpha at #2 LPI.

The highest new cow is Nor Bella Paul Eve taking #3 LPI position (#5 Milk, #1 Fat, #4 Protein, tied #2 Conformation) while the Top 5 rankings are completed by Gubelman Brookings Dina (#4) and Gubelman Brookings Claire in #5 LPI spot. The two other highest newly indexed cows this round are Top Swiss Prossli Brad at #6 LPI (#6 Fat, #7 Protein) and Top Swiss Harlem Shake at #8
LPI (tied #7 Fat).


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