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Three Keys to a Strong Farm Brand
May 21, 2015

Your operation’s brand affects everything. From attracting employees to growth opportunities to rental agreements—a brand is an extension of you and your farm.

“A brand is the collective actions of your company,” says Jim Stengel, former global marketing office at Proctor & Gamble and author. “Whether you are a farmer or a big multinational company, you are a brand manager.”

What does the name of your farm provoke? Have you dedicated time and energy to a powerful farm brand?

Businesses don’t create powerful brands through serendipity, Stengel says. His advice is to have an “AHA!” moment to fully flesh out your brand and cultivate it for the future. This includes:

  • A: Ambitious Purpose
  • H: Deep Sense of Humanity
  • A: Always On
  • !: Organizational energy

Stengel’s advice is to grade your farm’s brand on each of these elements and designate a specific action you can take to improve in each area.

Stengel spoke at the 2015 Alltech Rebelation conference this week in Lexington, KY.

By Sara Schafer, Top Producer Editor


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