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The Guernsey Promotion Group to Award Two Guernsey Calves to Vernon County Youth
May 28, 2015

Viroqua, WI: (May 27, 2015) – The proverbial Golden Guernsey will become reality for two fortunate Vernon County youth on July 25, 2015 in Viroqua. The Guernsey Promotion Group in conjunction with the 1st Global Guernsey Promotion Sale will be awarding a registered Guernsey calf to two youth who are chosen for writing the best essay.

Essays in response to one of these two topics are currently being accepted for the inaugural edition of this contest:

(1) What a Guernsey Calf Would Mean to Me?
(2) The Guernsey Breed is Important Because?

Essay winners will be announced and presented with their calves at the beginning of the Global Guernsey Promotion Sale, being held July 25th at the Vernon County Fairgrounds in Viroqua, WI.

One of the calves being given away, a February 2015 calf from Oak Knob Guernseys in Cresco, IA

One of the calves being given away, a February 2015 calf from Oak Knob Guernseys in Cresco, IA

This contest is being held in order to increase and spread the presence of the Guernsey breed in Vernon County. The entire Coulee region was heavily populated with Guernsey cattle prior to a federal order that changed the way milk was priced from a component-based system to a quantity-based system. Component pricing is back and the Guernsey breed has experienced significant demand and increased prices for Guernsey cattle the past few years due to improved genetics and increased demand for higher quality premium milk products by U.S. and international consumers alike. The winner does not need to have a Guernsey background or be from a Guernsey farm but should have the necessary facilities to care for and house a Guernsey calf.

The contest was created by former local Guernsey youth Brent Clements formerly of Stoddard. “Growing up on a Guernsey farm and immersed in local, state and national dairy youth activities affected my life in a positive way and prepared me professionally to handle any challenge that came my way. Facilitating this sale with other lifelong Guernsey enthusiasts is a dream come true that allows me give back in a way that I never thought possible after my parents sold their Guernsey herd in 1995. The contest is designed to ensure other Vernon County youth have the same opportunities with Guernsey cattle. The lucky winners will not only receive a Guernsey calf but a support system designed to ensure the Guernsey tradition continues in Vernon County.”

Guidelines for the contest are as follows:
• Contest is open to Vernon County youth ages 10-19 as of January 1st, 2016
• Essay should be a minimum of 250 words and a maximum of 500 words responding to one of the two topics listed above.
• Successful entrants should include plans for housing, responsibilities or plans for caring for the calf and achievements in 4-H, FFA or Breed Organizations
• Winner must agree to exhibit the calf at the Vernon County Fair and local Guernsey parish show and give a report on the calf annually for the first two years of ownership, to be submitted to the Vernon County Youth Fund
• Winners will receive a membership to the Wisconsin Junior Guernsey Breeders’ Association and National Junior Guernsey Association
• Winners will receive a 2-year subscription to the Guernsey Breeders’ Journal
• Winners will receive a professional show halter to exhibit the animal at shows
• Winners will receive free semen to use as a heifer and 2 year-old and mentorship by Brent Clements, former Vernon County resident, and lifelong Guernsey member as well as support by other Guernsey members as needed
• The calves will be tested for the A2 Beta Casein commonly found in over 90% of the Guernsey breed
• Winners must attend, and will receive the calves at the opening of the 2015 Global Guernsey Promotion Sale; the calves will be professionally fitted and prepared for the event
• The first place winner will select their choice of two presented calves, and the second place winner will receive the other calf

Interested youth should submit their entries to The Vernon County Dairy Youth Fund, Chairperson Julie Larson at, no later than July 1, 2015. For additional information, applicants may contact Julie at 608.778.2459, or via the email address listed above. Applications can be found at

About Guernsey Promotion Group: The Guernsey Promotion Group was founded by lifelong Guernsey cattle enthusiasts. The sole purpose of this group is to increase marketing opportunities, demand and value for Guernsey cattle. The group plans to accomplish this through intense promotion of the Guernsey breed while supporting the American Guernsey Association, Guernsey Marketing Service and Purebred Publishing.


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