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Terrific T&L Cattle Classification Highlighted by 22 Very Good 2 Year Olds
June 19, 2015

The classifier recently paid a visit to T&L Cattle and Tolamika Farms in Rosedale, BC. It was a terrific day, highlighted by an astounding 22 Very Good 2 Year Olds!

Atwood-Jemma2Atwood Jemma  (pictured to the right)
– Now VG89-89MS-2YR (EX Baxter, EX-1* Dundee, VG86 Gibson) Only VG89-2YR in CANADA, of 2,742 2yr’s classified so far this year!
Braxton Funky
– Now VG88-87MS-2YR (EX91-2E Dundee, EX-2E-7* Rudolph, VG88-5* Jackpot & 4 Gen EX/VG)
Goldchip Raelyn
– VG87-89MS-2YR ( VG88 Tee Off, EX ReDesign back to Glenridge Citation Roxy EX97-4E-6* )
Windhammer Slash
– Now VG87-88MS-2YR (VG87 Roy, VG86-3* Linjet, GP Rudolph, then 2 More VG )
Fever Lentil – Now VG87-88MS-2YR x (VG Fortune, VG86-4* Outside x VG87-3* Grand
Atwood Sandy – Now VG86-86MS-2YR
Heztry Ivy – Now VG86-87MS-2YR
Allen Twinkle – Now VG86-86MS-2YR
Redliner-Red Spring – Now VG86-86MS-2YR
Goldsun Mudslide – VG86-87MS-2YR
Cameron Lin – Now VG86-86MS-2YR (USA LOCATOR LIST COW)
Windhammer Gail – Now VG86-87MS-2YR
Miss Tique – Now VG86-87MS-2YR (Numero Uno x EX95-17* Eastside Lewisdale Goldwyn Missy)
Seaver Ransom – Now VG85-85MS-2YR
Dempsey Tiny – Now VG85-85MS-2YR
Stanley Cup Pepsi – Now VG85-86MS-2YR
Goldwyn Fanny – Now VG85-86MS-2YR x (VG87 Durham x EX92-4E-4*Jed x EX95-3E-5* Bstar Raven
Alexander Taylor – Now VG85-86MS-2YR(Gr. Daughter Of Lakeview Astronomical Taylor
Damion Thisbe – Now VG85-85MS-2YR
Sid Kanga – Now VG85-86MS-2YR
2223 – Now VG85-85MS-2YR
322 – Now VG86-85MS-2YR

Amazing 2nd Lactation 3 Year Olds!
Duplex Georgette – Now VG87-88MS – 2nd Calf! x (EX94-3E-2* Georgia Rubens x EX Full Sister To Georgette EX96-2E)
Goldroy Judy – Now VG87-88MS – 2nd Calf
Atwood Farah – Now VG88-88MS – 2nd Calf (Backed by 12 Gen EX or VG )
Goldwyn Alaska – Now VG88-87MS – 2nd Calf x (EX94 Stormatic x EX96-2E-16* Ashlyn)
Goldwyn Jilliane – Now VG88-VG89MS – 2nd Calf x (EX95-4E-2* Morty Jeriane)
Seaver Jadene – Now VG88-88MS – 2nd Calf x (EX-2E-4* Outside)


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