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Talent, Faith and Building on Opportunities Bring Success to Great View Farm’s Miller Family
August 6, 2015

The All-American Dairy Show has a strong tradition of volunteerism and staunch support among farm families and agribusinesses. Volunteers and exhibitors come to the All-American for its focus on youth, great cattle on display, opportunity to showcase your dairy herd and the gathering of dairymen from across the country.

One family stands out for its support and efforts to build a nationally-recognized show at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg and to grow it into this year’s 52nd All-American Dairy Show: the Paul and Patricia Miller family.

Theirs is a legacy that demonstrates the talent, opportunities and hard work of a family with a strong Christian faith and desire to succeed. Paul, Patricia and the rest of their family of Great View Farm outside Harrisburg embody the devotion, dedication and character consistent with many of the families who make the All-American Dairy Show the uniquely family-oriented international show. The Millers, now with four generations, have been exhibitors, show sponsors, class sponsors, volunteers and staunch supporters of the All-American.

Patricia and Paul developed an outstanding registered Holstein herd, created a nationally-recognized family singing group, and became part of the development and distribution of a new animal health product, all while raising a family, milking cows, and devoting countless hours to milk promotion, Holstein activities and their church – all in the span of 60 years and counting.

Tragedy with a Silver Lining

On a fall evening in September 1970 the Miller’s barn burned from arson. Surveying the damage, Paul turned to the local contractor and said, “We’ve gotta be back in the barn before the first snow this fall.”

The contractor laughed and told them it would be a year until the cows would trot into the barn.  Not to be deterred, Paul called upon his church family for help. Within two days, 80 volunteers came, shovels and gloves in hand. By noon the first day, the debris was cleared and the call for lumber was made to a local sawmill.

With the help of friends and neighbors, the barn was built and on November 23 the cows returned to the new barn at Great View Farm. With Christmas fast approaching, Patricia and Paul wondered how to thank their volunteer workforce. They elected to travel to each helper’s home and sing Christmas carols. The response was overwhelming, and the Singing Millers, comprised of Patricia, Paul and their three children, was born.

Talent Found and Offered

Seeing the opportunity to use their talent and sing from coast to coast, Paul dispersed the milking herd in 1975. One career highlight was singing at the 1976 National Holstein Convention in Philadelphia where their opening voices set the stage for the memorable patriotic convention.

The Millers give back in other ways too, sharing their talents, energy and time with local milk promotion committees, 4-H and county Holstein associations and with the All-American.

Patricia and Paul’s family now extends to grandchildren and great grandchildren, all of whom are engaged in some part of the dairy industry and continue the tradition of service.

Success Shared with the All-American

Since 1998 Paul and his son Mike have worked together to develop and grow their distribution of LIRA GOLD products, microbial supplements made in Lebanon, Pa., to dairy farms all over central and southeast Pennsylvania. In turn, since then the company, Kauffman’s Animal Health, has lent corporate support to the growing All-American, both as a trade show member and class sponsor.

“The All-American has been good to us,” noted Paul. “It’s a chance to visit with our current customers and talk to potential ones. More dairymen should come to walk the barns and watch the shows.”

He recognizes the value of the Premier National Junior Events at Harrisburg and sees their service to today’s youth as the key to keeping the barns full in the years to come.  Patricia agrees, adding that they are impressed by the number of thank you cards that fill their mailbox after the Premier National Junior Show.

“The junior show is wonderful and it is what will keep our current youth involved,” she said. “It is the key to the present and future success of the All-American.”

Generations of Giving Back

Patricia alongside her daughters and granddaughters, were recruited as the designers and decorators for the special anniversary wine and cheese celebration for the 45th All-American Dairy Show in 2008. The talent runs deep in this family, and the women often lend their special touch in creating a welcoming and delightful atmosphere.

The next generations are contributing to the All-American as well. Mike raises acres of high-quality hay that are sold in the All-American feed room each year, providing forage that helps keep the show string filled and ready for competition.

The grandchildren and great-grandchildren have been stepping up in the show ring as well. Granddaughter Holly Miller Hlavaty and her husband, Bryant, owners of Stone Mill Farm, have been active exhibitors and supporters of the show for years. Now their children, Claire and Ella, are bitten by the showing bug and are looking forward to being 4-H-age and eligible to show at the Premier National Junior Show.

In the Fall of 2014, Bryant was elected to the board of directors for the Pennsylvania Dairy & Allied Industry Association, the All-American’s governing board. Bryant’s family has a deep history with the All-American as well – his maternal grandfather, Donald E. Seipt, founder of Keystone Farms, was the first Obie Snider award winner.

Reflecting on Life’s Achievements

The tale of the Miller family, chock-full of stories from Paul’s time as a classifier for Holstein USA and as a LIRA GOLD salesman and reflections on time spent mentoring young Holstein breeders, has filled a book: Blest Beyond Measure. The Miller family legacy of talent, faith and opportunity is recorded for future generations.

There are some pieces of the legacy that cannot be contained in a book – the years of support that have helped develop the All-American forward into the premier dairy show it is today and which propel it toward a bright future.

The All-American Dairy Show features 22 shows in six days in addition to the nation’s only all-dairy antiques show. Last year’s show featured nearly 2,800 animals and more than 1,300 exhibitors from across the nation. For more information, click HERE or email, or call 717-787-2905.

Miller Family Leb FairMiller Family Leb Fair: Members of the Patricia and Paul Miller family at the Lebanon County Holstein Show. (L-R) Front row: great grandchildren Carter Zimmerman, age 4; Ella Hlavaty, age 8; Claire Hlavaty, age 6;  Ian Zimmerman, age 3; and Noah Zimmerman, age 7. Back row – Patricia Miller, Paul Miller, Holly Hlavaty, Bryant Hlavaty, Heidi Zimmerman, Jared Zimmerman, Mike Miller, Harrison Miller.

Pat Paul Mike and Linda 2Pat Paul Mike and Linda 2: Enjoying the view from the front yard of Great View Farm are (L-R) P Patricia Miller, Paul Miller, Linda Miller and Mike Miller.


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