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Sunrose Holsteins Reports Outstanding Classification Day
April 28, 2017

The Holstein classifier recently stopped in at Sunrose Holsteins in Millersburg, IN, with some great results they would like to share.
Sunrose-Sale-LogoView the Sunrose Website for details on The Sunrose Sale, set for May 13th at the farm in Millersburg, IN.

Highlights included:

Sunrose Delaney EX94-3E, a Dundee x VG88 Black Ice

Foltz-Brook Advent Janie-Red EX94, Janie was the 2016 Unanimous All-American Aged Cow, owned with R. Helbig

Maple-Slope Goldwn Angie EX94, Angie was the HM Jr All-American Aged Cow 2016, owned with K. Lambert

Sunrose Dee-TW EX93-2E, a Zircon x VG88 Black Ice, Dee is a sister to Sunrose Delaney

Sunrose Demi EX92-93MS, a Goldsun x EX Sunrose Jake x EX94-3E Sunrose Delaney, Demi was nominated Junior All-American Jr 3YR Old in 2016

Jon-Lu Hills Brax Nexus EX92, Braxton x VG89 Goldwyn, owned with Engleking & Matlock

Miss Sunrose Spice-ET EX91, a Windbrook x EX91 Atwood x Misty Springs Shottle Silk EX90, Spice is a maternal sister to Mr Sunrose Saturn, owned with Freeman & Parks

Sunrose Jailyn EX91-92MS, a Gold Chip x EX90 Braxton x Sunrose Jess EX94

Sunrose Liberty EX90-91MS, a Gold Chip Sr 3YR Old from an EX Dundee

Cameron-Ridge Gold Chip Lea EX90-91MS, Gold Chip x EX Dundee x EX Grand x Cameron Ridge BC Lisa EX96, owned by A. Nauman

Sunrose Leontine EX90, a Goldwyn from an EX91 Jasper daughter of Savage-Leigh Lavish-ET EX-94 EX-95-MS-GMD, owned with S. Freeman
Sunrose Donna EX90, a Jake x Dundee-Sunrose Delaney EX94-3E, Donna is the dam of Sunrose Demi
Masal Sanchez Gail EX90, a Sanchez x VG85 999-Grand, owned with B. Fuhrmann

Miss Sunrose Sugar-ET VG88-92MS, a Windbrook x EX91 Atwood x Misty Springs Shottle Silk EX90, Sugar is a maternal sister to Mr Sunrose Saturn, owned with K. O’Keefe

Sunrose Jizelle-ET VG88-90MS, an Atwood x Sunrose Jenna EX94
Furhmann-Vu Atwood Ginger VG87, an Atwood x EX90 Sanchez Gail, Ginger was nominated Junior All-American Milking Yearling 2016, owned with Furhmann-Vu Dairy
Ms Culver-GMJ Sanchez Angie VG87, a Sanchez x VG86 Dundee, owned by Newman & Penrod
Miss Culver-GMJ Dusk Madie VG87, owned by Newman & Penrod
Just-N-Rust Atwood Precious-ET VG87,
Atwood x EX94 Lee, owned by C. Miller
Golden-Oaks Ashock Devia VG86, an Aftershock from the Champ Rae family, owned by L. Helbig
Sunrose Jenica-ET VG86-88MS, an Atwood x Sunrose Jenna EX94
Sunrose Jolinda-ET VG86, an Atwood x Sunrose Jenna EX94
Holbric Sid Amethyst VG85, a Sid x VG96 Zircon x EX92 Final Cut, owned with T&S Schmocker

OCD Golden Dreams Medusa-ET VG85-86MS, a Golden Dreams x EX94 Durham, owned with Lambert & Furhmann
Sunrose Polly VG85-86MS, Sunrose Jake x VG87 Gabor
Sunrose Tilly VG85, Sterling x EX90 Sunrose Hilago, owned with M. Helmuth

Mr Sunrose Saturn EX91-3YR, +1183M +3.59T +3.42UDC +4.83RUH +4.44RUW, Meridian x EX91 Atwood x Misty Springs Shottle Silk EX90


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