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Successful classification round at Beslea Farms Ltd.
March 22, 2018

Congratulations to Beslea Farms Ltd. on a fantastic classification!

“Scoring a total of 30 animals we are excited with our best round yet. The highlight being 6 VG 2 yr olds, 2 new EX and only one animal scoring below 83 points bringing our herd classification to 3MEX – 6EX – 58VG – 44GP.” Complete results below.

Kinky boots

Beslea Premier Kinky Boots VG86

Jersey (Avg. Score of 85.7)

2 Yr olds
Beslea Premier Kinky Boots VG86
Beslea Resurrection Flipper VG85
Kingsdale Tequila Treats GP83
Beslea Impression Rodeo GP83

4 Yr olds
Beslea Vivitar Guacamole VG85
Beslea Vivitar Griffen GP83

5 Yr olds
Beslea Velocity Kuriosity EX
Beslea Minister Kobra EX 2E
Kingsdale Velocity Tia VG88
Beslea A Good Shot of Tequila GP84

6 Yr old
Maker Grand Piano EX

Holsteins (Avg. Score of 84.6)

2 Yr olds
Kawartha Envious Virtue VG86
Beslea Shamrock Paisely VG85
Beslea Sid Ego VG85
Beslea Sabathia Macabre VG85
Beslea Epic Complex GP84
Beslea Maitland Marybeth GP84
Beslea Minister Patarina GP83
Beslea Grace Under Fire (Windbrook) GP83
Beslea Gibson Omega GP83
Beslea Brokaw McSorley GP80

3 Yr Olds
Beslea Reginald Sly VG88
Beslea Windbrook Graceful VG88
Beslea Paramount Shizzle VG85
Pinecrest Chelios Red Rose VG85
Beslea Snowy Escape (Let it snow) GP83
Beslea Sterling Cold Snap GP83

4Yr olds
Beslea Amazing Reeves VG87
Beslea Danica Patrick (Beslea Goldwyn Patrick) VG86
Beslea Windbrook Trinity VG85



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