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Study Shows Organic Milk Higher In Healthy Fatty Acids
February 25, 2016

For years, scientists have disagreed about whether or not there is a nutritional difference between organic foods and conventionally produced foods.
A review of scientific studies, commissioned by the European Commission and the Sheepdrove Trust, a charity dedicated to the promotion of organic foods, found that levels of omega-3 fatty acids were 50% higher in organic milk and meat compared to their conventionally produced counterparts, according to a story in The New York Times. Omega-3 fatty acids are thought to offer broad health benefits.

But it’s still unclear whether or not eating organic food actually results in better health. “We don’t have that answer right now,” said Richard P. Bazinet, a professor of nutritional sciences at the University of Toronto who was not involved with the research. “Based on the composition, it looks like they should be better for us.”

By: Ann-Lisa Laca


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