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Strategy Returns 20 Years Later to Swiss Expo
January 21, 2016

Transforming grown men into blubbering wrecks Supreme Triple Strategy, the 20 year old cow owned by Patrick Demont, stole the show in Lausanne , as she returned 20 years after her first appearance at the very first Swiss Expo

Recognised as the most atmospheric show on the earth, the Swiss Expo in Lausanne continued to exceed all expectations as it celebrated its 20th Anniversary.

As hundreds of bovine beauties took to the coloured shavings, spectators were treated to a host of attractions celebrating the success of not only the show but to the breeders and cattle which have played a part in it.

Great credit must go to Jacques Rey and his organising committee, for staging such a memorable and spectacular event, from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Prague playing live and accompanying some of the classes, to celebrating distinguished breeders including Oscar Dupasquier, Bob Miller and Ken Trevena who had flown over especially.

SwissExpo16_OutstandingBreeder_IMG_2770web However the lasting memory which captivated the entire crowd, and drew the admiration of everyone there, was the moment when the 20 year old cow “SUPREME TRIPLE LEGACY” led by her owner Patrick Demont entered the ring.

Strategy was a contestant in the very first SWISS EXPO where she was also a class winner.  At this year’s Swiss Expo Strategy’s great granddaughter, Supreme Extreme Selfie was 2nd in the first class of heifers.  Having produced over 150,102kg milk, now 20 years later she returned to SWISS EXPO with an emotional heartfelt standing ovation from the crowd.

Never before has a show witnessed such appreciation for a cow, the triumph of her returning to Swiss Expo before thousands of applauding enthusiasts, is a moment that will go down in the history books of Swiss Expo for years to come. Hardened men reduced to quivering wrecks, tearful women crying like babies, and for one proud man and his family. . . a once in a lifetime cow, and a moment they will cherish for eternity.

The History of Supreme Triple Strategy Supreme EX-91

In 1990 Noél DAMON purchased embryos from RuAnn Dairy farm – Maddox Dairy, California, USA.  Blackstar embryos from Jo Dan C Starval AND GLORY resulted in two females, Salinoise GLORIA and Salinose Glorie.  Gloria was sold in the Club Holstein Sale 83 and Glorie went on to produce a Starbuck daughter, Salinoise ISTASIA.

SwissExpo16_Demont_Strategy_webIn 1995 Patrick Demont accompanied the animals of the Rey family to Paris. At that time he saw the 15 month old heifer, Salinoise Starbuck ISTASIA and decided to buy her. At the time he agreed with Noél DAMON to save time the heifer would undergo a super ovulation and be inseminated in France to Hanover Hill TRIPLE THREAT, who was not officially importable in Switzerland at the time.

The result of this mating was Triple STATEGY- Supreme EX 91.

Congratulations to Patrick Demont and his family.  Thanks to Thierry Gauthier for the baseline for the information.






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