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STgenetics™ Releases Next Great Megasire Son
February 12, 2016

NAVASOTA, Texas — Dairy cattle genetics innovator STgenetics™ is bringing new
bloodlines and breed leading health traits to red and white Holstein breeders with
the release of sexed female SexdULTRA™ semen on the latest elite Megasire son.

Semen on 151HO03130 Mr Dds Mega-Watt-ET*RC will be available beginning on
Monday, Feb. 15, from STgenetics sales representatives and independent distributors who carry STgenetics’ products.

Mega-Watt offers a total package of elite GTPI (2632), sound production values,
advantageous type and impressive health traits, including +4.3 Fertility Index and +4.3 DPR.

“This 6.8% CE bull will appeal to producers who want to use a great RC bull over open heifers,” said Dan Carroll, STgenetics’ Dairy Programs Manager. “Mega-Watt also brings robot ready udder linear scores with correct teat length and placement to work well with today’s automated milking systems.”

Customers can get more information on Mega-Watt semen via email
(, telephone (US 800-525-2953), or by contacting their STgenetics sales representative or distributor.


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