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Spring & Summer 2014 Photo Galleries
June 18, 2014

If you missed any of the Spring and early Summer events see them now on Cowsmo!  Full photo galleries for all the events we attended!

BC Spring Holstein here
Calgary Spring Show here
Manitoba Spring Show here
Ontario Spring Holstein here
Ontario Spring Jersey Show here
Expo (Quebec) Spring Holstein here
Expo (Quebec) Spring R&W Holstein here
International Dairy Showcase (QC) Jersey here
International Dairy Showcase (QC) Brown Swiss here
International Dairy Showcase (QC) Canadienne here
International Dairy Showcase (QC) Ayrshire here
California Spring Jersey here
California Spring Holstein here
California Spring R&W Holstein here
California Spring Candids, Sale, Showmanship, Futurity here
New York Spring Holstein here
New York Spring Jersey here
New York Spring R&W Holstein here
Western Spring National R&W Holstein here
Western Spring National B&W Holstein here
Day at the Derby here
Green Acres Holstein Club here
Alberta Dairy Congress B&W here
Alberta Dairy Congress R&W here
Alberta Dairy Congress Junior Show here


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