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Siemers Holsteins website has been updated
July 2, 2018

Siemers Holsteins of Newton, WI, recently updated their website with two special consignments selling TODAY in the National Convention Sale! The #1 R&W Heifer of the Breed sells along with the #1 Hodedoe daughter, both from 7 and 8 generations of VG/EX cow families!

Siemers Holsteins

Home to 2500 Holsteins, the farm has been in the Siemers family since 1890 and currently is being managed by the 5th generation.

The farm focuses on a lot of different things, but their goal simply is: Making Genetics for Cow People. “We believe a combination of all of these things is relevant, but also try and maximize each family to the best of their ability,” commented Jordan Siemers.

The website features their hottest cow families, from breed-leading genomics to All-American caliber cattle. Click HERE to view their website!



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