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Shockwave…the new wave from TAG’s Ayrshire Program
July 10, 2013

It is our pleasure to announce that the release of MONT COMI SHOCKWAVE-ET in Canada. This new TAG Ayrshire Star will also be released real soon for other international markets.

SHOCKWAVE is the result of an early Bingo X Reality cross. Son of the best genomic bull with no SRB (Bingo) and out of a first generation Reality daughter classified EX-91. Currently in the Ayrshire population there are Reality sons but very few grandsons. His generation interval is extremely short for Ayrshire.

A complete and balanced profile, he offers rock solid conformation (+11), especially for Mammary System (+10) and excellent genomics for functional traits. This bull is perfect to breed economical, trouble-free cows that will last a long time in the herd.

SHOCKWAVE comes from a strong maternal line: 6 consecutive Dams EX or VG and to top it all off, an excellent quality/price ratio!!

SHOCKWAVE…will bring a high amplitude wave of success through the Ayrshire breed!

Shockwave’s full profile click here

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