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Semex reports growth in revenue, profit & return on revenue in 2012
April 5, 2013

Guelph, Ontario – Semex’s Chief Executive Officer Paul Larmer has recently reported 2012 to be a great success for Semex. “In the past three years we have witnessed growth in all three of our major focus areas: Revenue; Profit; and Return on Revenue,” says Larmer. “In 2012 we witnessed record revenues and achieved targets originally established for 2015. Our increasing diversity has proven to both strengthen our solutions offering to our customers, and decrease our reliance on specific markets and specific products. Additionally, we’ve supported growth in new areas and to new customers, all while enhancing existing relationships with our loyal customers.”

In 2012 Semex remained steadfast in its dedication to its customers. This was evident in many areas with the following being just a few of this past year’s highlights:

Genetics for Life supports Semex’s evolution as a company, defining who Semex is and what Semex stands for while embracing the longevity of both its genetics and client relationships. Additionally, it promotes Semex’s social and business responsibility to support global food production in order to nourish our growing population.

Semex’s commitment to research and development continues, and has yielded new, game-changing and innovative technologies that have been added to its portfolio:

o Immunity+™ is a highly heritable, proprietary and ground-breaking technology that was developed by the University of Guelph. Never before seen in the dairy industry, clients can now utilize Semex sires that have the ability to transmit a natural resistance to disease.

o Semex’s R&D arm, Boviteq, is now able to perform genomic biopsies on conventional and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) embryos. This adds efficiencies to Semex’s genomic testing program and saves its clients money.

In order to select the very best entrants to its genetic program Semex genomically tested well over 5,000 young bulls globally in 2012. And, while many competing companies are now in the business of owning females, Semex continues to support its breeders by partnering with them. Semex believes these partnerships offer a mutual success – developing and acquiring elite sires.

Semex invests approximately $10 million into industry infrastructure and data collection each year as it believes data integrity and data collection are key to maintaining and increasing the accuracy of genomics. Semex will continue this support, working with industry partners on behalf of its members, and for the entire industry’s long-term success.

Semex continues to focus on product quality while developing efficiencies in our housing, production and distribution facilities. In 2012, Semex opened a new distribution centre in Guelph, Ontario, replacing three existing facilities. With additional enhancements planned for 2013, Semex’s Gold Standard™ ensures excellence at every point of housing, production and distribution at each of its centres located on four continents.

“Semex is well positioned to meet changing markets and to continue to capture market share,” says Larmer. “Our global investments give us diversity and assist us as we drive growth while excelling in developing markets. As markets change, Semex will continue to strategically evolve, meeting needs and expanding our global footprint.”

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