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Semenzoo Shares Exciting August Proof Summary!
August 11, 2015

The August Proofs in Italy delivered a successful run of results for Semenzoo sires, and we are delighted to share our success with you in this summary.
Once again, Genomics have been confirmed and Semenzoo sires that ranked highly based on their genomic figures as young sires have today emerged as frontrunners in the Proven sire lists.
Libu Inseme ATTILA and Go-Farm Royal EUDON who ranked #1 and #2 respectively on the Genomic Young Sire list in December 2011 have both emerged in the top 4 as Proven sires.
The best new proven bull of the August 2015 run, is Libu Inseme ATTILA ET TV TL TY, who was the first ever #1 Genomic Young sire in Italy in December 2011. ATTILA has made his debut at #2 on the Italian PFT list, confirming the high expectations which were anticipated. Sired by Man-OMan and out of All Ven Goldwyn Rosie VG-88, ATTILA stems from the world renowned Sher-Est S-Wind Saturday cow family, which in turn produced globally renowned cows like Regan-Joy Durham Regenia EX-92, who was full sister to Mr Sam and Mr Samuelo.
ATTILA’s proof mirrors his genomic predictions, delivering high production and great component deviations from solid type with excellent feet and legs (3.78). His daughters offer excellent health traits, particularly longevity (109) and fertility (106). ATTILA is a perfect mating for Shottle bloodlines and has the added advantage of being A2A2 for Beta Casein.
A big winner this round was Go-Farm Royal EUDON, (Million X Shottle X OMan) from the Crockett-Acres Mtot Elly family. EUDON featured highly as a Genomic Young Sire, ranking #2, with over 5,600 registered daughters and 93% reliability, he now officially ranks just outside the top 3 #4. EUDON has debuted with just under 1,000kg of milk, and high fat deviations. EUDON delivers lots of type (3,32), and his daughters exhibit terrific mammary systems with shallow well attached udders and ideal teat placement, scoring 107 on milking speed. He is a bull who delivers fantastic dairy strength, and therefore can be used as a complimentary mating for Goldwyn bloodlines.
A strong entrance was made by Del Santo Man OMan MULKYLA (Man –OMan X Shottle X Goldwyn), who is one of the leading health and fertility specialists available and ranks at #7. MULKYLA originates from Del Santo Ametista EX-96, one of Europe’s top show cows that was crowned National Champion in Cremona in the year 2000. Whilst MULKYLA has less production he encompasses positive fat and protein, and is A2A2 for Beta Casein. With 2.21 type, and exemplary scores for longevity (112) and SCS (110), MULKYLA is the #2 bull for fertility at 109. His daughters are easy to manage, and built to last, they are trouble free and breed back very quickly.
Amighetti Manoman ASSAN (Man-OMan X Shottle X Iron) is full brother to Numero Uno, Magnifico, Garcia and Lubbock. In his first appearance as a proven sire, ASSAN ranks #13 in the PFT list. His daughters typically have average production but are positive for components. ASSAN has a no holes type proof, scoring particularly well in his feet and legs composite (4.50) and he ranks highly for longevity (113) and fertility (108).
From the same family as Wyman, Pirolo Man Oman NARIMA (Man-OMan X Goldwyn X OMan) appears at #15 on the PFT lists. From one of the most successful Italian cow families of recent years, he has a superb pedigree, with 3 successive generations of Gold Medal dams in his pedigree. His dam Pirolo Goldwyn Schady ET VG-88 is full sister to Wyman. NARIMA daughters impress in the parlour and can certainly put milk in the tank, he has over 1,400kgs of production and is the #1 bull for Protein with 63kgs. Phenotypically his daughters are open ribbed, and have particularly strong central ligaments, and they are typically easy calving.
The best Garrett son comes in the shape of Mondial Garrett PAULISTA ET (Garrett X Goldwyn X Mtoto) and stems from the Mondial Carmencita EX-92 GMD family. PAULISTA has a production figure in excess of 700kgs, and ties with Prince as the #1 bull for reducing Somatic Cell scores. His type is consistent right across the board and he excels in the feet and leg department with a score of 4.56.
Paleotto PL Empoleon TV TL TY (Planet X Goldwyn X Shottle) is directly out of Paleotto Goldwyn Chanel VG-89, who made a 2nd lactation of over 15,000kgs, whilst the Grand-dam of EMPOLEON made over 88,000kgs over 5 lactations. With this kind of production in his pedigree it’s no surprise to see him feature with over 1,150kgs milk, and equally impressive components which come in at +0.08 fat and 0.15 protein. He exhibits functional type traits across the board, with high and wide rear udders, and scores highly for longevity and daughter calving ease.


The new genetic indexes released today, witness Royal Jeev SCOLARI convincingly retain his number one position at the top of the Italian PFT rankings. Adding more daughters to both his type and production figures he moves 144kg ahead of his nearest rival, consolidating his position as the undisputed leader.
Leading the field Royal Jeev SCOLARI (Jeeves X Goldwyn X Champion) hails from one of Canada’s most successful cow families of recent years- the Glen Drummond Splendor’s. SCOLARI transmits production whilst significantly increasing milk solids. He produces average sized daughters who score well for locomotion and are well suited to freestall systems. For Longevity, Fertility and SCS, SCOLARI ticks all the boxes.
Occupying 2ndand 4th places on the official rankings are a trio of new entries Libu Inseme ATTILA, and Go-Farm Royal EUDON. You can read more about ATTILA and EUDON in “New sires making their debut” above.
Zani Bolton MASCALESE (Bolton X O-Man X Adam) sits at #5 on the list, confirming his status as a global superstar. He added 194 daughters to his production and a further 74 to his type proofs and increased his PFT by 33kgs. MASCALESE is consistently doing a great job, they are taller than average, but are well balanced open ribbed cattle with great rumps, that certainly produce a lot of milk. MASCALESE is A2A2 for Beta Casein.
Prince Spinal MILITO (Prince X Oman X Skywalker) confirms his status as the best Prince son in Italy, and features at #6. MILITO daughters move exceptionally freely and he scores highly for Feet and Legs (4.12) His daughters have a flat lactation curve, and continue to improve their type as they mature. He scores highly in health and fitness traits and in particular has a very attractive score for SCS (108).
Falling one place to #7 Pirolo Planet MUFASA (Planet X Oman X Jocko) moves very little. At just shy of 1,300kgs production and +0.12 protein, his PFT remains stable whilst his type has improved to 1.66. MUFASA scores well for longevity and is regarded as a calving ease sire.
Del Santo Man OMan MULKYLA, debuts at #9, you can read more on him above.
Completing the top 10 bulls in the PFT rankings is the international type sensation Heavenly GOLDEN DREAMS TL TV, (Goldwyn X Durham X Storm) who has increased his production to a positive. He is the undisputed leader for conformation and ICM, scoring 4.38 for Udders and 4.64 for Feet and Legs. His daughters continue to impress around the globe, with breeders in North America commenting they are some of the best calves around. They are winning the ribbons at major shows both sides of the Atlantic, GOLDEN DREAMS daughters mature and get better with age, and their production improves significantly with every lactation.
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