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Semenzoo Genetics
January 24, 2015

Semenzoo Genetics sponsors Cowsmo Show Coverage

Semenzoo Genetics wins at Swiss Expo 2015 РSwiss Expo is one of the most important show in the world. People love its atmosphere and the outstanding quality of the exhibited cattle.

This year, for the second time, SEMENZOO genetics won both Junior and Grand Champion ! DOUG ARTES TINA ( Go Farm Artes) was an easy winner in her class, according to Judge Stefan Widmer, and then she dominated the Junior championship. ¬†Whilst in the afternoon the legendary DECRAUSAZ IRON O’KALIBRA (Boss Iron) was Grand Champion. O’KALIBRA was in a great shape once again and she added one more title to her impressive career.

Semenzoo aims to provide the best selection of Italian Genetics, as well as to promote the Italian System with updated informations and technical support.

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View Swiss Expo 2015 Show Coverage HERE

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