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Seagull-Bay consigns World Class Protein Heifer to National Convention Sale
June 25, 2014

Shauna’s special Ransom daughter 2474 GTPI 78 PTAP and 3.28 PTAT sells as Lot 8 in the National Convention Sale!

Seagull-Bay SH Ramona-ET 3012644306
99%RHA Born: October 3, 2013 #2018
40K gtPi +2474g
PtA +2067M +90F +78P 74%R 4/2014
PtA +803nM +.05%F +.06%P
PtA +4.7PL 2.92SCS +.0dPR 4.3%dCE
PtA +3.28t +2.09udC +2.48FLC 73%R 4/2014
World Class Protein Heifer! Select Sires Multiple Contract Interest!
HFB5318 Ammon-Peachy Shauna-ET_lft3qtrrear_web500

Selling in the Central Wisconsin Summer Event:

Seagull-Bay Alexa Four-ET born: 4-15-14 Reg# 840003124720490
Flame X Alexa II VG-88
An early FLAME daughter from an outcross pedigree.  Several brothers in AI including Touchdown and Say Grace.
872 NM 2424 GTPI 2.2 DPR 7.1 PL 2.2 PTAT
Seagull-Bay JCY Majic-ET born 3-31-14 Reg #840003014467632
Jacey X Obsvr Majic VG-85
A high fitness and high type Jacey from Robust’s Family!
776 NM 2417 GTPI 1.6 DPR 6.2 PL 3.04 PTAT
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