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Russia’s Miratorg considering investing $400m towards a dairy launch
June 7, 2017

Russia-based meat processor Miratorg is considering proposals to invest up to US$400m in the launch of a dairy division, with a focus on the production of milk and cheese products.

A spokesperson for Miratorg told just-food today if the project goes ahead the initial stages would involve the opening of “at least one dairy farm” with some 5,000 dairy cattle.

The spokesperson stressed the project is still in the “early stages”. However, the spokesperson said Miratorg’s chairman, Alexander Linnink, had said “a final decision on the investment can be expected in the coming half-year”.

Linnik has said previously areas around the cities of Kaluga, around 150km southwest of Moscow, and Tula, about 193km south of the capital, could be potential sites for the initial dairy operation.

Linnik reportedly told Russian broadcaster RBC the company had “long-nurtured plans to enter the milk processing market”.

Miratorg’s spokesperson said today the company is in negotiations with a number of regional governments as part of the company’s planning for a potential site for the first dairy.

The spokesperson confirmed  Miratorg is considering proposals that could lead to “several” dairy farm operations in central Russia with a potential combined total of up to 20,000 cattle.

Miratorg claims to be the largest producer of pork and beef in Russia. The group reportedly generated a turnover of RUB1.4bn (US$24.7m) in 2015. Last January, Miratorg said it had signed a “strategic” new contract to supply Burger King outlets in the country.


Source: Just food


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