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River Valley Farm Hosts Special Classification Set
December 22, 2016

River Valley Farms, Tremont, IL hosted the Jersey classifier today for a special classification set.
Ahlem Volcano Buttons, EX-91 (max)
Ahlem Valentino Bess, EX-93 (max)
Riversong Tequila Blithe, EX-93 (max) — Nominated AA
Chili Nitro Cabo-ET – VG-89 (max) — Res AA (AJCA & ABA)
Charlyn Tequila Ember – VG-89 (max) — AA (AJCA); Res AA (ABA)
TJ Classic Verbatim Vegas – VG-89 (max) — VENUS Daughter
River Valley Metalica Genie – VG-87 (2Y) — Milking Yearling 4Sale
Goff Pharoah Circus Act, EX-90 (3Y) — Dam of CRAZE
Schirm Harris Bellamy {5}, VG-87 (2Y) — Genomic Standout
Multi-Rose Oliver Ruth {4}-PP-ET, EX-90 (3Y) — Dam of RUTHLESS-P at Semex
River Valley Navigator 1245, VG-88 (2Y) — 1st Milking Navigator
River Valley Transformer Tris 1248, VG-86 (2Y) — 1st Milking Transformer
River Valley Action Daisy, EX-91 — Same family as FORT at Semex
River Valley Dazzler 833, VG-88 — Sister to AVENGER at Select Sires Jerseys
River Valley Megatron 729, VG-88 — Many brothers in AI
River Valley Samson Hilton, EX-90 (3Y)
River Valley Fire Vickie, VG-88 (3Y) — Full sister to 7JE5001 Judges Verdict


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