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Rietveld Dairies Facebook page has been updated
June 12, 2018

Rietveld Dairies Ltd., of Alberta, has updated their Facebook page with results of their recent classification!

Rietveld Dairies9 VG 2 yr olds

Sledgestar Lotus Angelica VG-87
Sledgestar S Veronica VG-86
Rietben Millennium Rory VG-86
Rietben Millennium Carin VG-85
Rietben Dodge Nicky VG-85
Rietben Megatron Sheer VG-85
Rietben Megatron Everdeen VG-85
Rietben Megatron Chanel VG-85
Rietben Elude Chloe VG-85

3 Excellents

Grossville Aftershock Fiona EX-91
Rockymountain Gold Dorrie EX-90
Rietben M Sugar EX-90

Click HERE to view their Facebook page!


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